May 30, 2008

Was it good for you? Oh yeah...oh...yeah.

Just got home from the day in the city (Seattle, that is) and I miss it already. Yes, it was wonderful. And not just because it apparently became the reason for Seattlites to ditch the fleece and sandals for pashmina and heels. I'll just leave it at that. No spoilers here, just joy. Sigh.

Okay, I can't totally keep my mouth shut! But still no spoilers. I think they picked the wrong wedding dress but I'll leave that in your hands. A few fashion misses, but a lotta hits! A few minor personal criticisms...but I love the ladies more than ever! Oy...I could bust! And, really, y'all can thank the Cosmos we all had afterward (How could we not?) for making me a bit more editorially subdued. Oh yeah...the Cosmos...they were flyin'! Cheers!

(What'd you think?)

The Lab & The Lazy

Okay...I confess I am being a REALLY lazy blogger right now. But going to see "the movie" over in Seattle and gotta catch a ferry boat in, like, minutes! But here are some links to information about the evening's event from Mary and Megan. (Thanks, Ladies!) I'll be back tomorrow with some updates about what I thought and learned. One thing I learned...I have a crap camera! But it is what it is...y'know?

The delightful Mr. John Tusher starting off the evening singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". Ok, kidding...he's just warming up the crowd...which isn't hard to do 'cause the man's dna is just downright hospitable!

That's Erin from Apartment34 talking about the upcoming Make Mine A Million event. (The coat and her shoes? Sarah Jessica would have approved!)

The lovely and informative panel. Paola, Elaine, Mary, & Megan.
They were wonderful! (Sorry about the awkward shot, ladies.)

Megan, Mary, & Tula.
(This...being the best shot of the bunch is from Mary's camera...not mine!)

May 29, 2008

Are you freakin' kidding me?! pictures. All I can say is that I will be seeing Sex & The City today/tomorrow (whenever you may be reading this), yes...I got tickets! However, a "friend" (this is now being questioned;)) went to see Speed Racer tonight...SPEED RACER!?...and managed to get himself ensconced in a pre-screening of Sex & The City!!!??? One, he said the movie was AH-MAZING! Two, he had a horrible time trying to see the screen given the vast number of people in the theater...wait for it...himself and ONE other person! That's it! I am telling you if they'd been giving away free shoes...bitch'd be dead now.

(Yeah, so a late night so (blah, blah, blah) Velocity Lab post tomorrow. Sorry, Kids. Sorry, John Tusher. Sorry, Sarah Jessica Parker.)

May 28, 2008

It's the final countdown...

(Above images via the official Sex & The City Movie website.)

I know, I know, Kids. These Vogue photos are popping up everywhere and there are a lot of us looking forward to the return of the grande foursome! All I can say is that come Friday there will be a lot of packed movie theaters but empty shoe stores and gay bars all over America ;) I'm just sayin'.

(Last two images from the current issue of Vogue)

Ring my bell jar.

Whimsical bell jar assemblages from Katie Runnels at the Constant Gatherer. Love the mama and the baby deer in their sweet fan coral forest.

Come to Papa[ver Vert]

Fun felt finds from Patty over Papaver Vert. Particularly love the felted pots and vases. Would love to see her do a little set of felted glasses for hot tea or coffee!

May 27, 2008

Beefy gets campy!

Well, Kids, it's moving on toward Summertime (please see that the sun gets the memo), and when I came across these it totally made me think of bein' all cute and outdoorsy. And wouldn't these just do it? I don't really know what it is about enamelware but I love it and GSI Outdoors is plum stocked with the stuff! I myself am more partial to the red and the green over the blue...yeah, oh yeah...lovin' on that green! I mean if you've got to crawl out on your hands and knees from a night sleeping on rocks and twigs what could be more delightful than coffee and breakfast served in/on this enamelware? Even better...sleeping in a comfy bed, Sunday NY Times, rolling (as opposed to crawling) out of bed for a leisurely enamelware cup o' joe on the deck. Yeah...I think that'd work best.

(Side note: Thinking of "camping" makes me think of the time I was a camp counselor many years ago. I was to look after a troupe of 10-year-old boys. All of the counselors were to come up with nicknames for themselves. Since Pee Wee Herman was the rage I thought, "Okay, then, "Pee Wee" it is!" Y'know...the kids will like it! Lesson learned: commanding any sort of authority is virtually impossible when you allow a child to call you "Pee Wee". Nuff said.)

May 23, 2008

In good company.

I guess I'm feeling "arty" this morning. After my project last month, I guess I am missing the creative process. Few things make me feel as good as the process of making something...and, sometimes, anything. So I always turn to one of my collections from Art:21 for inspiration and these are a few of my all-time favorites.

”Happy are the painters, for they shall not be lonely. Light and colour, peace and hope, will keep them company to the end of the day." ~ Winston Churchill

Shahzia Sikander

Ida Applebroog

The very much missed, Margaret Kilgallen.

Secret Garden

Just some morning photos in my back garden. The yellow climbing rose above is my absolute favorite. Just little clustered bouquets of sunshine (on a not so sunny day).

May 22, 2008

All apologies...(the dance remix)

(Image from Barilla.)

Okay, Kids... you know I can't be all squeaky clean all of the time. But at least I'll spare you (to an extent) with a sunnier visual. What I will say is that I grew up watching "him" on the evening news in Portland, Oregon. He was very well liked in the community. Now that years have passed and careers have "ascended" it's fascinating to see things from behind the camera. And, honestly, I am addicted for the moment. (Help me!)

This is a perfect example of what we've always heard...
Lemons versus LEMONADE!
(Kids...this is a bit graphic in the language department. I'm just sayin'.)

You'll just have to find it in your heart to forgive me ;)

In Unison

Sometimes I feel like Donny & Marie. Not so much the Entertainment Tonight/Dancing with a fainting doll-faced lunatic Donny & Marie of late...but the little bit country/little bit rock and roll of yesteryear (Kids, how did we let this happen?). Sometimes I like it rustic, country, vintage...and other times it's about clean and modern. Thus leads me to loving some of the offerings of Robert Segal and Alicia Rosauer of Unison. Offering a range of printed fabric bedding, table linens, throw pillows, and other accessories, Unison could easily deck out a good portion of one's home. And while being too matchy-matchy isn't really my thing I'm all about being in Unison.

"Unison was formed by Robert Segal + Alicia Rosauer with the vision that modern design can be a livable, breathable, everyday part of life. After four years of designing and living in Finland, they decided to bring their design sensibilities back to America. Robert and Alicia combine their extensive background of textile design and photography to create products that offer a minimalist style with emphasis on color and innovative print design."

(Original image derived from Allied Pressroom Chemistry)

You may remember last month's posting on the first ever Lab Meeting at Velocity Art & Design with the ever talented and delightful Matte Stephens. Well, Kids this coming Wednesday marks the second coming of the Lab and this time we'll be discussing the fine art of blogging! The ever gracious host, John Tusher, will be welcoming Northwest design bloggers Elaine from Decorno, Mary from Shelterrific, Megan from notmartha, and Paola from MirrorMirror.

And, in case you were wondering from the last Lab post, this time I will actually bring my camera and my new lil' ole Uncle Beefy business cards. 'Cause y'all know how I can get down to business...know what I'm sayin'? (Hmm, not entirely sure I care for where this could be perhaps enough said.)

So aaaaaaanyway...if you're in the Emerald City won't you join us?!
Hope to see you there, Kids!

May 21, 2008


Fear not sweet walrus...fear not. (Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

I love Seattle. It's a great city. But one thing that has always been problematic for me is the level of urban planning or the apparent total lack thereof. I have typically found that Seattle's answer to preserving its architectural heritage has been more likely at the end of a wrecking ball, having seen a number of beauties reduced to rubble over the years. Fortunately, someone had a different vision for one of my favorites...The Arctic Building. (C''s covered with these walruses! How could you not love it?!)

(Image from Wikimedia Commons.)

Thanks to the forward-thinking folks at Summit Hotels, this June '08 will see the Arctic Building's transformation into the Arctic Club Hotel. Below are some images from their website. They only have a few up at the moment but enough to get an anticipatory taste of things to come. Sure, they're seriously playing up to the Arctic theme with the "Juno" restaurant and the "Polar Bar", but chill out...they're not makin' you sleep in an igloo!

Comfy, clubby, cozy. Loving that chair!

The original domed ceiling on the top floor restored and freshened.
Yeah, it would really bite to have to have your wedding here, huh?

May 19, 2008

This little piggy...

For a long time I really had issues with feet. I know some people have great admiration for them but I, for one, have always been a much stronger advocate for shoes. And while I've eased up quite a bit, baby feet were always an exception.

Kendall and I went to visit our friends, Dave & Alison this past Saturday who are the freshly proud parents of twin boys! Holy crap...they're adorable! (And thank goodness! Because it's never a truly comfortable moment, when seeing a baby or babies for the first time, and having to comment immediately on the outfit to avoid incrimination!) But not one to be presumptuous enough to post someone's children...I figured the feet couldn't hurt. They just make my heart ache!

Congratulations, Dave & Alison! You're going to be amazing parents! I on the other hand will be vying for the position of most embarrassing Uncle to have around ;) ! (I know...not hard, huh?)

May 16, 2008

I Relish Autumn

In my former life as a small stationery designer and manufacturer I had the great fortune to have contacted Relish At Home in Berkeley, CA. Representing smaller manufacturers and aspiring independents it sounded like the perfect boutique retailer to show my wares. My first contact was owner, Kelly Autumn Sperbeck. And, she was every bit as warm and inviting as the autumn season itself! But more than a kind and accomplished business woman, Kelly is also an equally talented designer/artist with her own line entitled k. autumn.

Since it is the wedding season I couldn't help but think of Kelly's Hairpin Flora line. Exquisitely designed and hand-crafted, they're the perfect element to add to a modern bride's accoutrement. She has been contacted by women from all over to acquire one of her special creations for their very special day...and for good reason. Offering both ready to wear options or custom color matching, the only thing that might be more exquisite than the hairpin itself would be the opportunity to work with a incredibly lovely person.

Viola from ChewingTheCud. Photography by Anna Kuperberg.

Joy from Oh Joy! & Nantaka Joy. Photography by Karen Wise.

Kelly also has additional product lines including her sweet scrappy leather bird keychains, daytripper book bags, 100% recycled paper notepads, and more. She is, if nothing else, very industrious! You can contact Kelly directly to inquire about any of her product offerings from k. autumn or Relish At Home or see if there is a shop near you that carries her wares. (And an online boutique is also in the works!) Or if you happen to be in the Bay Area be sure to stop by the Relish At Home shop/studio. Brimming with independent goods you'll soon "relish autumn" as much as I do!

Paper Work

A busy week for lots of paper/stationery designers, I just wanted to wish these ladies the very best of luck while workin' it at the National Stationery Show which starts soon, soon, soon. Lovely ladies making lovely work.

Good luck!

Joy from Nantaka Joy & blog Oh Joy!