May 30, 2008

The Lab & The Lazy

Okay...I confess I am being a REALLY lazy blogger right now. But going to see "the movie" over in Seattle and gotta catch a ferry boat in, like, minutes! But here are some links to information about the evening's event from Mary and Megan. (Thanks, Ladies!) I'll be back tomorrow with some updates about what I thought and learned. One thing I learned...I have a crap camera! But it is what it is...y'know?

The delightful Mr. John Tusher starting off the evening singing "Don't Cry For Me Argentina". Ok, kidding...he's just warming up the crowd...which isn't hard to do 'cause the man's dna is just downright hospitable!

That's Erin from Apartment34 talking about the upcoming Make Mine A Million event. (The coat and her shoes? Sarah Jessica would have approved!)

The lovely and informative panel. Paola, Elaine, Mary, & Megan.
They were wonderful! (Sorry about the awkward shot, ladies.)

Megan, Mary, & Tula.
(This...being the best shot of the bunch is from Mary's camera...not mine!)


  1. There I am - weeping with fear...

  2. you lucky dog...have fun at the movie!

  3. God love ya', Paola! You crack me up! :) was wonderful!!! More than I would have even expected despite my love of the series. But that's all I'm sayin'. LOVED it!

  4. You're too kind! And I saw SATC this afternoon in LA. Do not even get me started on the shoe envy I have right now! O.M.G.

  5. It's so annoying to walk around town with that arrow pointing at my head. EVERYONE knows who I am! Harrumph.

  6. "apt. #34" even I have shoe envy afterward! Didn't ya' love it?

    Mary! I have been looking EVERYWHERE for that thing! You weren't supposed to take it with you! Remove it carefully and please return it as soon as possible. And be sure to pack it's quite fragile and, of course, invaluable ;)


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