July 10, 2008

Memory Lane

Given that it's my birthday today I thought I'd walk
you down a little part of memory lane with me, Kids... come on!

My Mom & Me. The nice lady inside that house just offered her $10.00 for me. Mom was hoping for $5.oo.

"Wow, now that is one ugly girl!" Thanks, Dad.

"Oh, Mom! I love the scalloped-edge detailing!"
The doll had nothing to do with me. My therapist told me so.

I was smiling because I thought this was a doughnut. The result of taking a bite of reality was a doctor's bill and a very complicated emotional relationship with food ever since.

Life took a downward spiral for a while after the "doughnut debacle". Over-imbibing on various juice products became par for the course. I thought I had it under control...you know...a glass of apple juice while I watched Sesame Street, maybe one or two more to get me through Captain Kangaroo. The pulling down of the drapes was the final straw for many.

Don't judge me....I needed the money for college.

Life in Juvenile Hall. It was rough but I held my own and it made me stronger. And don't let that floral print fool you...that guard would put the serious beatdowns on me! She was brutal. Actually, that's not a guard...it's my sister! I wasn't kidding about the beatdowns, though.


  1. oh this was too good uncle b. happy, happy birthday you sly thing!


    You are such a clever and funny boy!!! I just love you to PIECES!!!! Wish I was there to ring in another fantastic year of YOU!!!!

    XOXO, Georgina

  3. Awwwwwww Baby Beefy, how cute :)

    I hope you have an absolutely delightful Birthday and a year full of sweet surprises!

  4. Ha ha happy birthday! sparkles to you too!

  5. I've discovered you just in time to say Happy Birthday!

  6. OMG! I fairly *ran* over here as soon as I found out that you share a birthday with my beautiful Ms. Wellspring.

    What is it about you July 10th-ers! What a special day indeed.

    Thank you for sharing your beginnings with us. I loved your photos and of course, the brilliant captions.

    Have a wonderful birthday and a year of delights ahead!

  7. This had me laughing out loud. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  8. look at that little bum!

    happy happy day! you deserve all of the favors and frolic and fun those around you offer...

    just say thank you. and stay humble. even though you know and we know you deserve every last lovely...

  9. Oh Uncle B! Happy B-day to you! You were a doll then AND now!Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics.


    Much Love
    Miss J and co.

  10. Happy Birthday! I am giggling all over the place! I can't believe I win such a fabulous gift on your Birthday...i am a lucky girl!

    May all your dreams come true.

  12. fabulous photos - happy birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday, Beefy! I had no idea!! You need to give us fair warning, my friend, so we can fete you properly!! Oh, what a little peach you were. I hope you had a FABulous day, Uncle B, filled with lots of doughnuts, particularly those of the Bavarian cream variety. Kisses and hugs!!

  14. Hi EVERYONE! :)

    Wowwy pazzowy! Thanks for all the well wishes! Have been having a lovely day so far and you've all added to it for sure!!! Y'all are AWESOMELY SWEET! :)

    Still waiting for the birthday cards with the large checks enclosed. Didn't arrive today...??? Weird, huh? But it's okay...I'm sure they're on the way. RIGHT?! ;)

    Bet you didn't think you get a lil' nudie "beef"cake did ya'?

  15. What a cute baby you were!! And here is the rest of your life in pictures : http://www.designformankind.com/2008/07/parishil-studio.html ;-)

  16. ...hahaha...that was awesome B!! You were verrrrry cute... and I totally get the overindulging on apple juice...i prefer grape..

  17. Happy Birthday!!! Priceless pictures!

  18. i love these photos. the birth of beefy. happy birthday, sweets! you're the tops.

  19. Happy Birthday Bradford!
    Hope you had a real birthday blowout and remember... what happens on your birthday,
    stays on your birthday,
    unless someone takes pictures.

    Then you're screwed ;-)

  20. Now that was fun - didn't want it to end. Hope you had a great day!

    Oh, and Captain Kangaroo...."Witchy Poo"...good times.

  21. Happy Birthday - discovering your blog via Lil Bee. Your childhood looks suspiciously similar to mine - I think we had the same drapes.
    Have a good one!

  22. WHAT??!!! I missed your birthday?? Oh, I feel horrible!!!

    Happy Birthday Uncle Beefy!!! (I believe in a 'birthday week' anyway, don't you?) I hope you had a wonderful day and that this is your best year yet. You so many people smile everyday- you're one in a million!


  23. Happy birthday!! : ) (better late than ever)

    Hey you share the same day as my precious husband!

  24. Thanks for making us laugh on your bday. Hope you really enjoyed it!

  25. happy birthday dear uncle! love the pics, what gorgeous cheeks you have!! :-) hope you had a great day.

  26. You are so awesome Beef, love the pictures! Hope you had a great day!
    Happy Birthday.

  27. Those photos are perfect. I feel as if I'm in 1974 looking at them. I'm inspired to rummage through my parent's attic. Thank you!

  28. i didn't even notice earlier. forgive me uncle beefy, happy belated birthday!!!!

  29. hahahah i love this! wonderful post and quite the creative blog! i hope that your birthday was fabulous!

  30. I had to come by and check this out. You didn't disappoint. You never do. :0) Freakin' adorable!



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