July 10, 2008

And the winners are....

Okay, Kids...here we go...was today your lucky day? Like last time, I wrote down everyone's name on slips of paper, put y'all in a bowl, and picked out...

1) Mrs. French 2) Studio Wellspring
3) Heather Moore 4) Mary T. 5) Annie

So here's what to do...each one of you need to email me with your addresses. Mrs. French will get first dibs on her choice of the five sparkleriffic offerings. (Y'know you can click on the pics in the post to enlarge right?) Then I'll email each one of you left with what choices remain with Annie receiving the last piece left. Make sense? Get on it!

Sorry for those of you who didn't make the draw but were willing to put your hats in the ring. Your comments and kindness are much appreciated...and maybe next time?


  1. wowsa ~ and the gifts just keep on coming. i feel so lucky and lovely! thank you ever so much uncle b ~ you are a real treasure!

  2. OMGOMGOMG SO EXCITED!!! I am not even kidding!!!! Thanks!

    Email is on its way! (I could also buy you a drink and get this in person.)

  3. ha! wow! two wins in a week, i am having a lucky streak! when i first commented i didn't realize i was commenting to enter, i was just commenting, but i guess it was ment to be! thank you uncle beefy


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