July 04, 2008

Glittertastic Giveaway!

The three pieces to the left are hyper-glittered fans as shown by the full view of the crab. (Fans have an attached ribbon loop for hanging.) The piece on the right is a Victorian-style gift cone for candy or small presents.

So in the spirit of the 4th of July and all that sparkles, Kids...your Uncle is right back at it with yet another giveaway!!! (And a hearty congrats to Annie of Royal Buffet...my first ever giveaway winner!) Now, this new one here is a bit different though sooooooooo listen up...

These are five glittertastic pieces that I did some time ago as a creative experiment for part of former business I had. I was, and am still, a bit nuts about glitter because it is, as I like to describe it, ground up happiness. But sometimes in life we need to let some things go in order to make way for new opportunities, creative or otherwise. So why not spread the love and let someone else enjoy all the sparkle? Any takers? If so, here's how this is gonna go down...

What your Uncle is requesting of you, Kids, is that you help pass the happiness forward. And preferably to someone you don't even know. Buy a bouquet of flowers and pass them off to a complete stranger (I've done this and, while it can be a bit awkward at first, you'll feel great afterward!). Print up some cards or slips of paper exclaiming how wonderful a person is, how much you appreciate them, or some other uplifting message and slip them into tip jars, bills, or cab fare. Buy a meal and give it to a homeless person (or even a "gift" bag with some socks, toothpaste, & toothbrush). Get a few balloons and hand them to the first kid you see. The point is...there's an array of things you can do to add some joy and hope to someone's day. And who knows...it just might add some to your's?

So sign up! Pass the word on! I'll draw names next Thursday, July 10th (i.e., "Go, Beefy...it's your birthday!"), assign numbers 1 - 5 to those names picked. Number 1 will get first choice, number 2 will get second choice, etc. And let me know what you plan to do or did to add some sparkle to someone's day and we'll blog about it here as we announce our winners! C'mon...share the love!

Two sparkle plenty party hats...roughly 11"tall x 4"wide
and perfect as a festive crown or sweet centerpiece!


  1. what beautiful glitteries! i have been a charity case lately. people have been generous! when i think how i need something, it seems to materialize! so i'm doing a giveaway on my blog as way to contribute to the give/take flow! http://www.nowenteringmomville.blogspot.com/

    if i win one of your lovelies, i'll pass it onto someone who would deeply appreciate and love it! someone who could some cheer!

  2. I love these. I want to win one of these to give to my niece who would totally flip out.

  3. These are too cute! My daughter in law would just love any of them ( and who doesn't like a happy daughter in law?) LOL I keep some lottery scratch off tickets in my purse...and when I leave a tip for anything I also leave a lottery ticket! I hope someone really in need wins Huge!!

  4. yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best 4th of july ever!!!! thanks so much uncle beefy! i can't wait!

  5. I'm totally in! I love doing things like this and find that I forget about my own hard times when I am in the service of others!

  6. Very creative I love them!

  7. Hello! I'm here courtesy of Mackin Ink, but I think I'll stay. You made me laugh, which made my kids want to know what was so funny, which gave me a chance to extract an extra chore from them in exchange for that information. (they weren't at all impressed when I told them what was so funny.)

    Count me in for this glitter giveaway.

    Tomorrow, I will buy an extra coffee for the person behind me. (great excuse to treat myself too!)

    hmm...maybe I can do one thing each day for the week. Pay it forward week?

  8. OMG HELL YES!!!! I want glitter! Glitter glitter glitter! GLITTER ME, PLEEEZ! And I will pay it forward, and tell you all about the results.

  9. hi b,
    i'd so try to wear these hats as many times as possible, culminating with fremont solstice next year!

  10. Ever since I discovered bloglines, I've become such a laaaazy commenter, so apologies for the silence, but I have been reading ya!

    Love the glitter (ground up happiness!) and the good idea. We're all freezing cold and wet in Cape Town's winter, so some sparkle and kindness will go a long way!

  11. pick me! pick me! such a sweetheart you are for spreading the love all over the place!


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