July 03, 2008

Kennedy & Kate

Wanted to introduce you to a lil' piece of home this morning, Ladies. (Boys, you may have to sit this one out?) So you know I live on an island right? No, I haven't been quarantined! It's a very nice little place across the Puget Sound from Seattle. Well, I've been out here on Bainbridge Island off and on over the past 11 years and this place has seen some changes. Some not so good and some that were "it's about time!" good. Kennedy & Kate was SO that type of change!

When I first hit "land, ho!", Bainbridge Island was such a cute spot (and still is). But clothing choices were definitely relegated to the typical Northwest choices of plaid and/or fleece, with a Croc or two thrown in for...well...measure. So when Kennedy & Kate popped onto the scene it was like fashion first aid to a seriously starving population. Needless to say, it was very well received. With a great selection of labels such as Dutchy, Ella Moss, Miss Sixty, & Plenty, owner Sarah Wen knows how to stock 'em. And, Sarah is everything one wants as part of their retail sales experience; product knowledge, customer care, no hard sell, and sans attitude. In a word, "refreshing". But the price points? Amazingly affordable!!! And you can see for yourself right here! Happy shopping!


  1. Seattle! Love Seattle! Minus the rain, of course. My brother and sister-in-law live there and were married at Mt. Baker....beautiful!! So, if you ever get out of quarantine, look for Lance and Deena. By the way, I will definitely check out this store the next time I am fortunate enought to head west....way west!

  2. YOU, my friend, are a lucky guy. I can only imagine how beautiful where you live is. Share more, please! :) And this store is fabulous!

  3. jae...I know Lance & Deena! Just kidding :) So y'all are a serious bi-coastal brood! If you're ever out...lemme know!

    mary...yeah, you're pretty lucky yourself! I'll share some more in l'future. The store is really great (well, for the ladies). My pics don't really do it a whole lotta justice but what are ya' gonna do?


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