June 30, 2008

Meat Market ~ The Giveaway

What? Well, I'm giving away some "Beef[y]" so it seemed appropriate enough for a title! (Hey, I tried.) Anyway, Kids...I'm doing my first giveaway! It's sorta my little way to say thanks for all the kind words and support over the last month. This is a decoupaged plate that I did, measures 9.5" x 6.75" approximately, and speaks to my love of silhouettes, color....and YOU!

If you'd like to enter alongside the other millions of readers just leave a comment describing how you think existential philosophy and the rising trend of hot dog stands are affecting the overall political infrastructure of the United States. ;) That...OR you can just say "Cheerio!" (Addendum: As noted by Paola in the comments, perhaps unfair to ask my international readers to comment about the American political infrastructure. So absolutely feel free to say whatever you wish about whatever is on your mind...and you're in!)

I'll put all y'all's names together and draw at random.
Deadline for comment entries is
Thursday, July 3rd at midnight.
ANYONE can enter!
So international readers...don't be shy!
I'll announce the lucky recipient this Friday, July 4th!!!


  1. The idiosynchronicity of the hot dog stand is in direct correlation...oh, nevermind.

    Cheerio! How very clever and talented you are!

  2. my birthday's on the 3rd. and i haven't had a proper hot dog in over two years {ix-nay on the ork-pay in ordan-jay!}. one of my best friends has a phd in political philosophy, and i bet she could write a kickass essay. as for me? i like turquoise and green together.

    and. and? i'm a fan.

  3. Such a great plate!
    Really cool
    Would look so good on my wall.
    Oh, and I love hot dogs.
    And thanks for your sweet comment on my blog.
    Means a lot to me.

  4. b,
    have you had a seattle dog from a street vendor? hot dog on a bun with cream cheese, thai sweet chili sauce, grilled onions and celery salt? pretty tasty if not descriptionally appealing. hot dog stands are the symbol of the american dream (and viagra).

  5. i think that the rising popularity of hot dog stands can only improve the political situation in the US -as it gives us something to stuff n the pie holes of those dreary ol' politicians!

  6. oh my, i didn't know you made those!!! i would love to see more of your work sometime

  7. If I asked my husband to relate hot dogs and politics, he could probably write something really sassy and incredibly poetic...
    but since I'm no good at either of those topics I'll mention how much I am loving your humor induced, witty posts and YOUR VERY FIRST GIVEAWAY! Cheers to more of the good stuff: art, design and color!!

  8. When you say 'random' does that mean you'll accept bribes?

    I have a very bare corner of wall where that plate would look right at home. I love those colours together.

    I think it's very unfair giving your international readers questions about the American political situation. If only you'd asked about the effect of existentialist hamburgers on European unification...



  9. Beefy!

    A small, solitary tear just trickled down my right cheek. You are so divinely talented, my friend!

    Cheerio. Chim Chim Cher-ee. Chugachugachoochoo. Cho mama. Chock full o' nuts. Chachacha. Caio!

  10. I googled hotdog, and your site popped up:)

    accually I was seaching for inspiration to meke up my new student-room in Bergen(Norway).

    My sister wich is an angel, will get the plate, if I get it. Her birthday is july the 5th.

  11. Thanks for signing up (and the compliments and witty comments!), Kids! Keep 'em coming!

  12. Cheerio, mate; love the colors! a hot dog would look perfect on such a plate.

  13. i vote for Karey to win this just based on her massive homesickness alone.

    love the plate uncle b!

  14. The plate is empirical evidence that you need to get thee arse to the studio!

    Love it! I'm in for the drawing.

  15. today was the first time I've read your blog(found from the link at D.Sharp) and I love what I found.Please enter me in the draw,love that colour combo.Cannot comment on hotdogs,not a common streetfood here in NZ,but am happy to give a blow-by -blow description of the various types of savoury meat pies,and their relative merits.Truly New Zealand makes the world's finest meat pies. Cheers from the Antipodes Karen Brown...Wellington..New Zealand

  16. oh dear, you are a cheese. :) and we all love it! I found you via the lil bee, via d.sharp and i'm so glad i did. :)

  17. Cheerio old boy! Lovely time of year to put a few dogs on the ole grill. Well, better be off.Cheers!

  18. Is that the young Teddy Roosevelt or Rich Uncle Moneybags (the guy from Monopoly)? Cheerio and Bully!!--Nancy


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