July 06, 2008

Beefy's Bainbridge 4th of July Blitz

(A recuperative lunch (let's just say things start on Bainbridge Island
as of the 3rd) on the lawn at Doc's Marina Grill.)

I know, an unusual posting for Beefy. On a Sunday! Don't expect o whole lot, Kids...your Uncle is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired! I know, I know...by "tired" I mean hungover, right? Okay, I admit it...you're wrong. By "tired" I mean too old to drink like the 20-somethings around me. By "tired" I mean I'm a cheap/er date who will begin to fade long before the art of intoxication really begins to take hold. By "tired" I mean one who now gets just as excited over beautifully arranged fruit skewers as he does the beer run. By "tired" I mean that when one exclaims that there's no more beer you're now a bit more content that sparkling water has been offered as an alternative. By "tired" I mean that, with barely a buzz, I found it absolutely necessary to demonstrate the African dance ensemble from Lionel Richie's "All Night Long" video. Yes, THAT tired!

And even still...I sacrifice what energies I have left to you, Kids, my gentle readers. That and to get Bee off m'back! Geez, for a vegetarian it seems a bit contradictory to be asking for more "Beefy" doesn't it, Bee? ;) Silly Kids! No matter...I will oblige you all with what will perhaps be one of the most striking and poignant cinematic and photographic displays of a local 4th of July celebration in recent history.

Oh yeah...I'm tired.

Lunch at Doc's was followed by heading up to Winslow Way for the 4th of July parade! The 4th is a big celebration on Bainbridge Island. Just the night before (i.e. the 3rd) the street was shut down for games, live music, food, and yes, a beer garden. Yes! I was there...can we move on now! ;) It's a nice community gathering that gives you a little hope that all is right with the world.

The parade...in case you couldn't tell. Always here to help.

Shortly after this cinematic genius was shot I had a "starlight mint" hurled at my throat with such velocity as to perform a tracheotomy. Ah yes, good times, Kids....good times. Also, a cinematic learning lesson...Sen, don't ever tell a blogger not to put something on their blog. You're just asking for it.

At Sarah & Sen's house. A stellar gathering (Sarah & Georgina busted out with every Martha-driven fiber of their beings ~ beautiful job ladies!!!) with friends (including FABULICIOUS visitor Ms. Jenny from the OC ~ OMG! Kristin Cavallari is going to be so jealous!) just before the most incredible neighborhood fireworks! My video bears absolutely no resemblance to the grande spectacle. Ask anyone who was witness...I was relegated to a 4 year old I was SO flippin' excited! So excited that I may have even piddled in my pants...but just a little ;) (If I am ever on The View and Barbara brings this up during the interview...I'm never speaking to you again!)

(Okay...y'all know I'm just kidding about the piddling...right?)

Hope you all had a GREAT
4th of July weekend, Kids!


  1. GREAT pictures! It sounds like you had a fabulous 4th! Now go get some sleep!

  2. Oh my DEAR GOD in HEAVEN, Beefy! You had quite a fantastico weekend, didn't you?! OC sightings? Fireworks? Peeing in your pants? (Oh, Who are you kidding? That's a regular, run of the mill weekend for YOU. Wink!)

    And listen...about that whole not-being-able-to-hang-with-the-big-boys thing. Didn't you hear? Brunch is the new after-hours, Beef! Kegstands are so 2007. It's all about the crepes and hollandaise now. Sausalita!

    Hope that spontaneous trach has healed. Kisses ;)

  3. I love fireworks. Giant bursts of glitter. What a great time you had ; )

  4. huh. i felt the same kind of tired.

    and, like you, i was so tired i may have danced a bit. plus? i was so tired that i may have filled up the air around me with so much nonsense...even i was embarrassed!

    loved the fireworks...since i hadn't seen any yet, i may have peeped my pants, too.

    oh. wait. you were kidding. umm. me too?

  5. Right there with you on the tired front UB, right there with you. Love your description - perfection.
    Great job capturing the fireworks. How ever did you keep the camera so focused and still when you fell over sideways whilst filming?

  6. I'm glad you had such a great weekend. When you surface from your slumber, I wanted to say congrats on such a wonderful mention over at mackin ink. She really gave you the credit you deserve. Congrats!

  7. mary...thanks :) well rested now! well pretty much. hope you had a lovely day!

    bee...really? I did have a "fantastico" weekend. Is it peeing in your pants when you've taken geriatric precautions and worn the appropriate protective undergarments? I'm thinking not! But then I don't remember now...damn! Someone get me my walker! ;)

    L&S...the fireworks were really amazing and just this group of neighbors who collectively shell out the $$$ to entertain the neighborhood. I thought "okay?" but was really amazed at their efforts! Bursts of glitter? Well said, well said indeed! :)

    karey m. ... while feeling relatively confident in my dancing capabilities what I failed to take into account was the "know when to say when" factor. Glad you like the crap firework video...but still kinda pretty in its own way huh?
    You're a piddler too? HEY, Kids bring karey her hover-round while you're getting my walker, will ya'?

    cheryl...OMG! You caught it! I thought I'd get more of the fireworks by turning the camera but love the idea of me falling over SO much better! Hope you had a loverly day too!

    jae...Hey, thanks! As was noted by my comment, I was a blushing boy for certain. But also very honored and thankful. She's great. You're great. A great little community we've built up for ourselves here, huh? Hope you had a nice holiday as well :)

    THANKS for all the great comments, Ladies!!! Off to take my Geritol and then bridge at the senior center ;)

  8. nothing better than a hometown parade...but yes candy hurled from a float...never a good idea. IMHO.


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