June 12, 2008

Port in the storm...you are.

Photo from Eugenio Recuenco via Anjie at Studio Wellspring.

What a morning. Woke up with a cold. Nothing really bad. More of an annoyance than an illness. No wonder given this past week and the fact that Seattleites are officially calling this month "June-uary"! The cats are going insane running around the house like lunatics and, given that they're both blind, are running into the occasional door frame or odd piece of furniture. I have to stand in the kitchen so that Fergus (the dog) will eat...he's terrified of the cats. He wraps things up and I get to gettin' on the computer. I have this weird thing where I hate having any accumulated "spam" so I head there to sort through them, making sure I'm not losing any "real" emails. Fortunately, I did otherwise I would have missed out on the myriad of emails that I have anxiously been awaiting from, Cialis, Viagra ~ "love you lady with better time" (?), "hot teen action" (eeeew!), or "talk live to 20 ladies" (Buddy, I'm pretty much doin' that now...and in a much more sophisticated way, I can assure you.). Who in Frank's name ever clicks on these things? I hit "empty". Are you sure you want to delete.....blah, blah, blah.....YES!

I head over to my "inbox" and there are quite a few emails, many pertaining to the "Somewhere..." post from the other day. I know I've already said thank you to those of you who wrote some incredibly inspiring emails. But I have to say that I find it amazing what can happen when you put yourself out there. I am one of those people who can have a difficult time asking for help. (And I don't think that is an admirable quality.) But, like I said the other day, I don't want to misrepresent myself by putting forth only the "good" stuff. Well lemme tell ya's...after all the inspiring and supportive words I've received from so many of you, not only has my mood lifted but my faith has been restored as well. You've become something of a port in the storm and I thank you all from the bottom of my Beefy heart.

We'll still have to see what the immediate future holds but I feel much more confident in the choices that lay before me. I am going to begin working on my studio again (some of you may remember that project?), and start the process of sketching to get the juices flowing. I'll post some of my creative undertakings from time to time just to keep you updated and for you to keep me accountable. But hopefully out of all of this someone else out there will be inspired knowing that it doesn't happen overnight or only to those who are merely lucky.

In the meantime, I'll keep on keepin' on and, of course, keep you all posted. If anyone is looking for some great inspiration I can tell you that the talented Julia recommended Marisa Haedike's "Creative Thursday" podcasts (How appropriate!). I cannot get enough and have been listening to them non-stop. I would SO second that suggestion and send a serious "shout out" to Marisa for putting herself out there as a means to inspire others wishing to pursue a creative life. Also, click on the links from the comment section of the "Somewhere..." post...there is a wealth of inspiration on these blogs!

So, as the sun is making a valiant attempt at shining, I will get myself together to work some creative magic on my lawn. It's in really bad shape...I mean bad shape! I on the other hand, thanks to you, am in good shape...I mean good shape! (Thanks!)


  1. Beefs! Glad you're feeling better. I just left a massive comment on "Somewhere..." that probably should have been an email. Heh.

    Enjoy the sun, and tell those crazy cats to SLOW DOWN!


  2. Will check out the podcasts, they sound great.

    Glad you are feeling sunnier even if the weather isn't. Take care!

  3. Thanks Carrie & Denise :) Yes, sunnier indeed. Overwhelmed truthfully, but still sunnier...thanks in part to you two and others :)

    Oh, I'm gonna enjoy the sun alright. Now....where did I put that speedo? ;)

  4. this is a poem by Pablo Neruda that is a good starting-new things-leaving-old-things-behind poem. I'm asking for silence. I just quit my job so I've been doing a bit of soul-searching meself. :)

  5. rare sunny afternoons are not for *working* on lawns - they are for *sitting* on lawns drinking cocktails, yes? ;-)


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