June 16, 2008

Quote o' the day.

Isn’t worrying about your appearance
a pretty superficial thing to do?

"Dress is only superficial if one hasn’t invested any thought in it. If one’s appearance is an outer expression of one’s inner state,
then it is deeply personal--and far from trivial."


  1. I used to worry alot
    I was frequently broke and wore very uncomfortable, yet fabulous, shoes.
    nowadays I opt for any natural fiber that is washable and hopefully clean and with a minimum of dog fur and olive oil stains! ;-)

  2. Beefy, I love how you can make me feel justified in my shopping habit. I mean, what fun is it to be out on the town if you're not going to look cute while flittering around, right?

    Yes, yes I know you understand. I see you lacing up those Common booties. Strut, Beefy, strut.

  3. oh please "em"...y'all know I've bought into the NW casual thing far more than I ever though :p We do what we can do, y'know? And if one has to sacrifice for animals and food...I can be good with that :)

    "Bee"...that's what I am here for...justification and flittering. (Oh you know that runway music is playin' in the back o' my head no matter how casual the look!)

  4. That's a great quote, I am stealing it.


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