January 25, 2008

There's no place like home, there's no place like home....(Do I have to give the shoes back?)

So this morning I thought I'd just take you around to some places that I call home. I thought we'd drive over to a town called Poulsbo. (I don't live in Poulsbo, but it's close by.) It's a Norwegian themed town (Hooray Scandinavia!) and while I know it smacks of "Hey Tourist! Over here!", I just love going down there and toddling around. It's a sweet place with some wonderful shops and great people who own them and that's why it's nice to call it home. Hope you enjoy.

Sluys' Bakery...like going back in time to the 1960's.

The inside of Sluys'...the lighting is not at all flattering but no one's paying attention with all the sugar and crumbs in their eyes. Bags rarely remain unopened before leaving the store.

One of my favorite local restaurants, Mor Mor. Owned by John & Laura Nesby, a young couple in their 20's (!), they put out some top notch meals. The fried chicken? Don't get me started or the drool might short out my keyboard.

Coco is everything one would expect from the name - warm, rich, and comforting. (Okay, I know the spelling isn't quite the same but isn't that what you'd think of?) Kay does an incredible job of stocking Coco with new and vintage finds - and not just for the ladies. This is dangerous territory for me as there always seems to be a good reason to find bankruptcy a rational option.


  1. Leave it to you to make Poulsbo look hip: That is quite the feat, unks!
    I agree, it *is* sweet this time of year. The first and only time I tried Mor Mor, I had to run screaming away from my very well made martini due to the over amplified "live music" it was ghastly (as it would have to be to get me to abandon a martini), but my waitress was so wonderful and sweet about it, I have always meant to go back.

  2. wow, looks like I could murder a few credit cards I here too!

  3. Okay UB, the town is cute and quaint and nice BUT THOSE CUPCAKE WRAPPERS!!! Now that just makes me want to go down and bake cupcakes.
    Well not really RIGHT NOW but VERY soon.
    At the very least, I REALLY want to want to bake cupcakes sometime in the VERY near future.

    Working like a maniac on several projects with tight deadlines so will be back to blogging and answering your tagme soon.


  4. Oh your "town near by but not the one you live in" is so adorable! LUV it.

  5. What a great idea to make such a tour, love this. Maybe I can also borrow your idea and make my version of some places here...? : )

  6. UB, Coco is the standard by which all other boutiques should be judged: a warm, cheerful environment, great music, original and elegant display, the perfect mix of vintage and new products - and of course, the creative and fabulous owner, Kay. Thank you for sharing this little treasure with the world!

  7. So funny, lots a it like a small village in Norway.
    Poulsbo means "the place paul live".
    And MorMor means grandmother.
    So fun to se a part of my old country in the middle of America.
    Would be great to visit one day


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