January 23, 2008

So I was tagged the other day by Pia of Pia Jane Bijkerk. I'm to list 7 things about myself that others may not know about moi. So here is a little peak into my ever fascinating life (Hey, you in the back, can you please not yawn...at least not right now? Oh, and wake up that guy beside you.) Anyhoo.......

1) One of the first mediums I ever worked in was paint remover. Long story short...I'm a tiny wee baby, my parents come to get me from my crib, I'm not there, they search frantically, find me in garage, Mom has been stripping a rocking chair, I make it through baby-gate, grab can and brush, proceed to paint with said paint remover...on the side of my Dad's brand new Volvo. It's a miracle I'm even here to write this.

2) I LOVE mayonnaise. Sadly, the United States doesn't permit me to marry my mayo...even if it's a consenting condiment. The atrocity of it all!

3) I'm half Canadian. And proud of it, eh! Shout out to Nova Scotia...holla!

4) To put it mildly, I do not like acronyms. I like words. Acronyms are exclusionary and the linguistic form of a couch potato.

5) I detested the person who is now my best friend. (Oh, don't worry, he knows ALL about it.)

6) In my dreams I am a baker. (In reality I couldn't take the hours!)

7) I have two cats, Winston & Riley. They're were born blind but cute. Oh, and I have a dog named Fergus. He's was born small and French.

Mmmm, riveting isn't it. Well, I hope it was a bit entertaining at the least, if not altogether illuminating.

Now, based on the rules, I'm supposed to "tag" seven others. I do have some reservations about this part. (I'm not always a big rule follower. Uh oh, that's 8 things about me! See...what did I just say?) However, there are a few folks out there in the blogosphere that I'd genuinely like to know a bit more about. But, as with Pia's qualification, I have no issues if they do not wish to participate. I mean tag can be fun but after so many times of being "it" even kids wanna take a snack break. Y'know? So with that said.....

...my tagging "victims" shall be:

Rachel @ BlackEiffel
Dana @ Blush & Flax Hues
Denise @ d. Sharp Journal
Jess @ Lobster & Swan
Cheryl @ Stash Studios
Paul @ Sweet Paul


  1. Man, I just put one of these on my blog today and I wish I could have been so clever. I'm especially fond of your numbers four and seven. Especially how you put them. I laughed out loud, which I happen to love doing. Especially when I am alone. Which I am at the moment.

  2. GREAT facts uncle beefy, you ol' canuck you!! (can i say that? i am just a wanna-be canadian in case you couldnt tell already). i loved learning those things and like ali, i too laughed out loud, and i am more than thrilled that ali didnt use the abbreviated version. thanks for filling out the tag!

  3. You sure know how to express yourself! I was also laughing out loud when reading your secrets. Your first experiments with paint remover are quite extraordinary. Indeed a miracle that you are still here writing these things.


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