January 16, 2008

Oh, Frosty the bored-man...

This is the pattern in the ice that froze on my outdoor table. Like coral or gnarled trees...beautiful. Yeah, even if no snow.

Ho, hum. Woke up to find this delightful frostiness but, alas, no snow. They've been talking about it but I haven't seen a stitch! I whacked my knee out o' joint last Friday and have been hobbling and gimping around like an 80 year old. Needless to say, it has slowed my studio construction. Isn't that always the way...off schedule and over budget? Well, I still have time to make up for things. But if I have to be trapped inside it would be nice to have something snowy to look at, wouldn't you say?

I spent yesterday sitting around on my keaster popping ibuprofen, icing my knee, and searching desperately for something other than HGTV reruns and court shows. Basically it turned into a day of channel surfing and frozen limbs. But the knee is feeling quite a bit better now so after one more day of "relaxation" I'm hoping to get back at things in the studio tomorrow. Please!

I was here for a couple of hours (until the neighbors found me) after falling with my bum knee. Kidding! I just put the camera on the ground and hoped for the best. Kinda pretty, huh?


  1. ouch!!

    lots o' snow out here in fremont-ford monday night - things are still frosty. and dreary.
    Was it just this past sunday that was so gloriously sunny - or did I sleep the day away and dream it??

  2. SUNNY?! I thought it was the 2nd coming and ran into the kitchen in my bunker to bake some cookies... y'know... so I wouldn't show up empty handed. I was wondering what was taking so long? Nevermind.

  3. Feel better soon! It sucks popping ibu's.


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