January 21, 2008

Man Cold

Okay, honestly, I am not this bad! But this morning, Beefy woke up with his face falling off. See...right there...if I am referring to myself in the third person...things are bad. Very, very, bad.

I'll be back with some more posting shortly!


  1. now THAT is hilarious!
    feel better soon

  2. Cheryl...honestly...pay attention. "Feel better soon"? Did you not pay attention...it's "poor little bunny"! Now where's my soup? Waaaah! ;)


  3. Oh, sorry little bunny!
    Now I am cracking up more!
    I really need to elect follow-up comment emails so I don't miss little gems like this

    BTW (yes, I was paying attention and know that you dislike acronyms, as do I BUT I feel it gives me license to use when I feel absolutely necessary) sooo BTW, have you searched "uncle beefy" in google lately? Killer myspace page, doncha think?


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