January 02, 2008

Christmas 2007, New Year 2008, & "naked" pictures on the internet. (Good heavens! Not those kind!)

(Lemon Drops & lamentations.)

Well, another holiday season passed off to memory. When I look at the picture above I have to ask myself, "Too much? Or not enough?" We spent the holidays with my parents in my (gulp) hometown. Just for clarity, this means I spent the holidays in a place where the mascot of the high school was a potato. Granted, and angry potato but a potato nonetheless. If this is a reflection on the holidays you can imagine the overall lifetime psychological issues? Oy! At any rate...as I heard at one point..."We waged battle with the holidays and won!"

Truthfully, I am a bit glad that it's over and time to start fresh. I backed away from the whole New Year's resolutions thing some time ago. But as I have perused the blogosphere (here & here & here) it's taking on a new light for me. This may just be the type of accountability I need. I mean writing things down is supposed to be powerful right? But how powerful is anything when it gets put down on a napkin or scrap of paper and placed as a hidden bookmark in a 2006 issue of Domino magazine? So I might just compile a list of resolutions and put them up here...?

For the time being, I thought I'd take the plunge and put what feels like "naked" pictures of myself on the blog. Not to worry...not those kind of naked pictures. Frankly, something much worse. These are photos of my garage. I addressed this some time ago but couldn't bear to display such grievances...now I'm takin' it all off! (I truly feel rather stripped bare at this moment. And a little nauseous.) This poor detached structure has become a dumping ground over the years. It has actually held a car or two (but rarely) and certainly never two at the same time. In mid-Fall I went through a mass restructuring which resulted in a pile of debris just slightly larger than my car. Dr. Phil would have ripped me apart.

(This would lead one to believe that I have
missing teeth and toilets as decorative planters.)

In the back corner is where I will undertake the making of a small studio for myself so that I'll have a bit more creative space. I've used my 2nd bedroom for a few years but working with pigments and carpet is a dangerous proposition that will likely result in an enormous burst of hidden colors should I ever take a steam cleaner to the poor pile. (God help me the day that happens!) Cement floors are an artistic free-for-all and I could use the abandon. So we'll see what comes of things but I am shooting for a January 31st completion date. I will re-post these "before" photos with some type of "after" and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to look you in the eye again. (I kinda feel all Charlie Brown right now. You know, after Lucy pulls the ball away? Ugh.)

Resolution #1 - Clean my room! Wish me luck. (More resolutions to come.)

(This is what shame looks like, folks. I may end up on
Jerry Springer if Oprah doesn't call first.)


  1. Brave man. You can do it! Wishing you the best in the new year!

  2. Thats not too bad! If I lived nearer I would unleash my inner Monica Geller- and stop by and help! : )


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