January 04, 2008

Clean up on Aisle Crazy.

Well, thanks to my friend, Miss J, over at The Flying Pencil I now have greater insight into myself. If my brain were to ever explode...this is what the paramedics would likely be exposed to. (See what I'm dealing with, gentle reader? On second thought, see what you're dealing with, gentle reader?)

Just a bit of zaniness to head of into the weekend. I'll be working on my resolution list as it desperately needs some editing (let's be realistic, shall we?). Denise came up with a great and creative way to approach one's resolutions with a DIY Phrenology head. You can download a blank head and fill it with your utmost important cranial "cubbyholes". And, of course, I'll get cracking on that studio...yikes!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. oh boy Uncle B! I'm so glad you liked the clip. Someday if we ever get invited to a costume party we should BE this scene! We could build a huge cardboard biplane and I could be Carol and you could be the pilot and we could buzz around all night screaming RAAAASSSSSBERRRIES! Sounds like art school all over again!

    miss J

    ps. Don't buy this if you ever want to get anything done ever again:


  2. Um, what? YOU'D be Carol?! I don't think so! :)

    Ah, art school...those were the days! Dancing on tables at 3:26am...heaven!

    Wait...is this from their website from 1967? Who would be buying this?!!!


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