October 19, 2009

How To Be Really Top Drawer

In the early 80's I was too young to understand that this was "spoof"-oriented. All I could grasp was that this was the most ingeniously beautiful book ever conceived. I was so desperate to climb the social food chain that I was just thrilled to have a guidebook to lead me down the road to plaid-laden superiority! Thankfully, my commitment didn't extend much beyond plaid and Sperry Top-Siders as I got older. Nor did the desired social-ramifications turn out as hoped or expected. And, thank God for that. Somehow "Uncle Biffy" doesn't have the same ring.


  1. I fell victim to that book when it made its debut. After reading it I had a sudden and urgent need for monogrammed shirts and belts. Fortunately I've largely recovered, with the exception of a lingering fondness for Brooks Bros button down shirts.

  2. How have I never seen this book?! This looks like the ultimate coffee table book. No, I take that back, the ultimate bathroom book. I'd place it on the vanity alongside my monogrammed towels and Molton Brown soaps!

  3. I remember that book! Required reading at USC I believe... Reminds me of polo shirts and pink and green plaid! I like your version of plaid nowadays.

  4. It took me a solid five years to understand that it was a parody. I met Lisa Birnbach when I was in college and until that moment, used her book as a guide to better living.

    Fast forward more years than I want to admit and despite my epiphany, 9/10s of the collared shirts in my closet are button downs.

  5. I still love that book--I even grew up in Larchmont, although no one there really had "Larchmont Lockjaw!"

  6. Mon Oncle, there are all sorts of people that STILL think it is a bible.

    Pour moi, I'm glad you wound up just where you are.


  7. Oh My Gash!I loved this book! too funny!

  8. Ha! I remember that book. The school I went to was listed in there #1 preppy school for girls. And to think now that I am a hippie living in Marrakech. The admissions department must be so dismayed about taking that gamble on me. oops!


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