April 04, 2008

Hi Kids! Your Uncle here with a wee update. I'm going to be taking a little blogging break for the next week. I am currently working on a project for a magazine (!!!) (sorry mum's the word for the moment) and have a deadline looming with much to accomplish. Between flushing out those ideas and paying the rent I'm gonna need all the extra time I can get. But I hope and trust that you'll join me again soon...won't you? I'll let you know when the tea is back on! (Thanks for your patience and understanding.)

(In the meantime, a little inspiration thanks to Krissy. It's a video of Mike Long, a self-described "social rocktivist" (awesome!), dancing all over the place - 6 months in 6 minutes. This is a serious testament to having the courage to be oneself. Party on, Mike! Party on, Kids!)

See you all again soon!

This may also help keep you smiling until my return
...too flippin' cute!

Ooh!!! And check out Housemartin's posts on my town Seattle! Pam did features on some o' my personal favorites and a fine, fine job she did indeed.


  1. Sounds very exciting! Will miss you Uncle B...don't forget to come back!

  2. Good luck with whatever it is you are doing! I'm sure it will be fabulous : )

  3. Of course we will come back and love to read what you will have on the plate for us next ; ) Success + good luck!

  4. Don't forget to break it down while you are working :)
    Thanks for the link- good luck on your project!

  5. have fun uncle beefy...we'll miss ya!

  6. Thanks for the props and shout outs, Kids :) Much appreciated! Hi, ho, hi, ho...;)

    Y'all are the best! :)

  7. I love this video...too funny. I need to try this, maybe I could be as skinny as he is.


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