April 15, 2008

Designers...make it work!

I posted about this a short little while ago and now it's happening! All you Seattle-area designer/crafter/artist/entrepreneurs are invited tomorrow night (Wednesday April 16th) to the Seattle creative meet up from 6pm- 8pm at Velocity's South Lake Union showroom on Yale Avenue, featuring special guest artist Matte Stephens.

"The events will go by the name of The Lab - we are hoping that they will become a place to experiment with new ideas, foster creative thinking and provide us all with plenty of opportunities for networking and inspiration. Please feel free to invite anyone you think would like to come and remember that The Lab is open to both men and women."

And many, many thanks to Paola for helping to organize all of this. As well as thanks to John Tusher and the fine folks at Velocity for hosting and sponsoring and, of course, Matte Stephens, guest speaker extraordinaire! Thanks, Kids!

Also... it's supposed to be raining tomorrow so there are no more excuses for not attending! As if rain would ever be allowed as an excuse in Seattle! See you there! Designers, make it work!


  1. Sounds like a great evening to come! Pity that I live a couple of thousands of kilometers away...

  2. wish i could go! i know you might appreciate this. . .guess what! we are getting a printing press this week! my husband just cleared out the shed so he can etch his plates in it. hopefully i'll have some new collographs to show you soon!

  3. He he! I am now TOTALLY expecting you to look like Tim Gunn tomorrow. Looking forward to it!

  4. Mirka...what's thousands of kilometers really? We could pick you up at the airport. ;)

    Annie...I am really, really trying to be happy for you and your husband. Yeah, okay...congratulations. (Lucky ducks!) :)

    Paola...you have NO idea how much pressure that puts on me! Yikes! ;) I wish I was showing up looking like Tim Gunn. But I promise not to wear fleece if that helps bump me up a notch or two! Can't wait!


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