January 08, 2008

Where's your head at, at...where's your head at?

(You can click on the photo to enlarge.
WARNING: You'll only be making my head bigger.
And do you really want to do that?)

As I mentioned previously, gentle reader...Denise over at d. sharp came up with a fun and creative approach to one's resolutions. You can download a pdf file from here and create your very own. I did take the liberty of adding a few extra cranial considerations to the drawing vs. my actual resolution list. Afterall, all work and no cupcakes makes Beefy a bad uncle!

Denise's phrenology example...LOVE all the different writing styles.

And her son's. AWESOME, I'd say.


  1. I loved Denise's idea too! Your's is wonderful, and quite handsome - dare I say!

  2. these are so awesome. i just printed a bunch for myself and some co-workers. um... it's a "team building exercise"?

    glad you thought the post was informative! hopefully there will be more to come!


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