January 11, 2008

In the studio...whoa-oa-oa-oa...in the studio...

Okay, I know the official results of the poll aren't exactly in but it does appear that the front runner is showing photos of the studio along the way. Not exactly democratic, I admit, and veering dangerously close to a dictatorship (but the uniforms are spectacular!)...here are a few images of my studio progress. (Note: This week has SO not been the week of decent or consistent photo-taking. My inner Diane Arbus has left the building. My apologies, gentle reader.)

For the purpose of refreshing your memory, I present to you....
(Mmmm, delightful...isn't it?)


The makeshift ceiling before...

and after! I cannot even tell you how many cobwebs got vaccumed out of here! Okay, not like a long lost Egyptian tomb or anything but quite a formidable foe. This was a sort of attic-type space which creates a "ceiling" above where I'm putting together the studio.

The beginnings of something akin to warmth. Piece by piece, I'm getting the insulation put up. On the other side of that plywood is coldness. Brrrr. Those poor lil' space heaters.

Getting warmer.

Not exactly hot...but , well, warm.

So there you have it for the moment. Insulated walls
and "ceiling", and a "clean" floor

Oh, I have such plans! A tight budget too, but such plans!

What I think I will do is post photos of the studio's progress every Friday. That way it isn't too often for those of you who wish to see the grande finale and yet more than nothing for those who'd like to see the progress. Sound fair? And what better motivation as you head into weekend projects!


  1. Looks amazing, you are kicking cobweb ass!

  2. well done you....cant wait to se it finished
    have a fun weekend

  3. So you are building a room for Morran ;)

  4. Lovin watching the progress, looking good!

  5. My dearest Beefy! What a huge project! I've don this Insulation Sh_t and it's a bore but needs to be done. On insulating the attic. I 've done this and then had a efficiency expert from Mass Energy come and he said. you Have to put it between the rafters . not on top of the wood.(so I had to shoot cellulose insul inbetween the ceiling and floor of the attic. BIG DRAG!!!! he said I might as well just considered the Pink Insul, like a filter.

    I want you to be warm so email me if you have any questions : )

    Great start for the New Year!!! (Giving you huge pat in the back)


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