January 08, 2008

Um, yes I believe I have a resolution. Table for 1. The non-crazy section, please.

So here's my list of resolutions. Oy vey! I may have a new one for 2009..."Never write your list of resolutions in a public forum." But for the moment, I remain optimistic. Here goes nuthin'...

The usuals...eat better, exercise more. I managed to kick smoking in 2007 - so far so good.

Create better levels of organization, time management, and structure. (For those of you who know me beyond the blogosphere you'll know I've got my work cut out for me.)

Get that studio put together! This I'm feeling really good about.

Get my Etsy business up and running. I know I can either oversimplify or overcomplicate some things in life. But I've learned a lot of important lessons from a former business venture and now is the time to try to put those well won lessons in place.

Make creativity a personal priority not merely a business-oriented task.

To understand better the obligation I have to be myself. For me being a creative type comes with its blessings and curses. The down side comes when my sensitivity leads me to create from a perspective of what I believe others want and feeling obligated to make things people like. It's always hard to remember but good to remind oneself that I am all I've got and I am enough. (See the Kevin Aucoin post.)

Redesign the blog and have some type of website up and running. This isn't a huge priority (at least not number one) but something I'd like to see worked on at the very least.

To cook more Asian food. I have a huge crush on Aussie Kylie Kwong and she's inspiring me to break out a bit. I love to cook but this usually involves butter, starch-ridden side dishes, and elastic waistbands.

To think less and do more. I tend to get endlessly caught up with the hashing out of every last detail in my head before making a move. Then, if I finally do make a move, I often end up changing things anyway. What I have realized is that I spent much too much time in 2007 living in my head. As a result, I think this has taken attention away from those I care about. Forgotten birthdays, lost conversations because I'm off in my head "thinking", being unavailable for or absent in social activities, etc., etc. I have a host of wonderful people in my life and I really want to be better about letting them know how much they mean to me. Even if only in small but genuine, heartfelt ways. (Plus, they'd probably like to "see" what I'm doing rather than "hear" about it.)

To finish all (or at least a good deal of) the started, stopped, and incomplete projects around my house. Note, I did not say home. That's because it doesn't really feel that way with the myriad of projects staring me in the face. No kids, for the time being the larger part of my gorgeous and glamorous life resides largely in my head. This lesson has been on my mental list of resolutions for a number of years....perhaps now I'll finally learn it! I'll leave you with this bit of wisdom...sharing a large bottle of champagne with your best friend should not coincide with your "brilliant" idea to start painting cabinetry and trim...you know, just to see what it looks like. (That's been one long hangover!)

Care to share your list for 2008?

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  1. Darling UB, I love you and you inspire me! I can't wait to share the wonderful ride that 2008 promises to be - I'd say you're on the right track. xo.kitkat


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