January 03, 2008

New Year's Inspiration

Holly over at decor8 has been posting some fantastic entries regarding resolutions and inspirations which got me thinking this morning...

A short time ago my friend, Kristine, pointed me toward this video. It's an interview with the late Kevin Aucoin, a celebrated make-up artist. Now I'm all for glamour and whatnot but, I thought, he was a make-up artist (and a truly amazing one) - what more could he possibly provide than an appropriate lip color? Well, my friends, a great deal more. This is inspiring to say the absolute very least. (Thanks, Kristine!)

If you are at all creative, or an artist, or a person that feels self-doubt, or longing for personal authenticity, or someone wanting to take on the world in 2008, or a human being...I truly don't think you could ask for a better starting point for the New Year.

Still working on that resolution list.


  1. I loved when he said "If you wait for somebody to tell you to be yourself, you might wait forever"
    Thanks for posting this, it was very inspiring. I always seem to rack my brain for resolutions this time each year. Maybe instead of trying to be "better" in 2008, I'll just focus on being myself.

  2. That was cool, UB. I always really loved his work - it's lovely to see what an articulate and inspiring person he was. Words to live by. Thanks!

  3. Hey Erin & V! Isn't it great? This is one I'll return to over and over again. What a great guy he must have been. So happy that Kristine turned me on to it for the inspiration. He lives on.



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