November 27, 2007

I guess this would be me.

Well, my friends....after much rumination and running around like a lunatic it would appear that I may have "jumped the gun". Sadly, the Etsy shop will have to be shelved until 2008 I'm afraid.

I am a notorious sucker for a deadline and nothing gets me going more than a target date. (Especially if it's yesterday.) So with that in mind, I put my sites on getting things in gear a.s.a.p., you know, to get the ball rolling. As Kristine's husband, Bob, said one time..."All this talking is great and everything, but at some point you have to do." Sage advice...unless you're talking to someone like me.

Let's face it, I tend to function at extremes a good deal of the time. I love things Japanese-simple or Baroque-ornate, country-slow or city-fast, totally controlled or chaotic frenzy, over-thought or why-think-at-all. But I'm working on it....yes, really. I usually chalk it up to the artistic mindset but that can only take one so far. And while I have never been fond of the combination of "starving" and "artist" the melding of "business" and "artist" presents its own challenges when being forced together. But one can learn.

After discussing some of the intricacies of becoming an "Etsian" with, well, other "Etsians" the resounding consultation advised waiting. I'll spare you the details but I clearly need to get my ducks all in a row before taking this plunge. In fact, I realize that I still need some of the ducks! The fact is that I need to exercise restraint and be more prudent and judicious in my decisions...not easy when you're use to using your heart more than your head. (See...I am learning. I hope.)

But there's nothing like a year's end to render contemplation I suppose. So I'll continue with design ideas, product development and further research whilst the clock ticks away to 2008. But, mind you, this cannot become another episode of "analysis paralysis" and "doing" must remain in focus. So I trust that you'll help keep me on know, in case Bob needs a day off.


  1. Sounds like a great plan! Can't wait to see what transpires, and to buy some of your lovely products...

  2. Thanks for your support kitkat! Uncle Beefy appreciates it and your patience :)

  3. i can so relate. stick with it!

  4. Thanks rifferaff. I'm keepin' my chin up. All things in time.


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