November 29, 2007

Hey there, Mr. Talktoomuch...

I love fashion. And, yes, it was a bit disappointing to see Heather go home from America's Next Top Model. But I also have reservations when it comes to models taking on areas such as music shows with "riveting" social experiments. (Eegads!) That said, Milla Jovovich made her musical foray in the mid-90's and her freshman effort did catch my ear and my eye. (The overall album?....Eh.) I really like this video for The Gentleman Who Fell. The slightly macabre element, the smokey eyes, the Man Ray-ishness of it all. Granted, it does play a bit like a well-done film student's junior project but I love it just the same.


  1. i missed this week's episode. heather was sent home??!! i thought she was going to win it all.

  2. Oops...maybe I should've indicated "spoiler alert". Yep, she's gone. If you watch a repeat you'll see that they really didn't have a choice. Not as enticing now. But lord knows I'll keep watching!


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