November 09, 2007

Home, home, on the range...

Back after my lengthy departure. My aunt is now safely back in Nova Scotia and I to my little island. After a week's absence it always takes a bit of adjustment to get back in the swing of things.

My parents consume more CNN than is probably reasonable for good mental health. I mean, knowledge is power, but too much...well you likely see where I'm going. Information is much like health food, it's good for you, yes, but good gravy we all need a little candy delight from time to time! So after hours of being inundated with the ever-declining American economy and dollar (yes folks...Canada will be Christmas shopping in America this year to save money!) I tried to temper things with a bit of "Top Model". I won't even go into the comments from the peanut gallery! It wasn't much of an episode and I found myself drifting back to concerns about the state of Pakistan. Now that I am back home it's more about the state of my garage!

I've utilized the smallest room in my house as a studio of sorts for some time. But silkscreening and carpet cleanliness don't always go hand in hand and are often a precarious relationship at best. So some weeks back I went ballistic on my garage - a two-car-sized structure that has housed many things but none of them being our two cars! I had a pile of rubbish sized just slightly larger than my car (!) hauled away and now am staring down the last of the battle. A good deal of reorganizing and I should be able to carve out the rest of the space for a small studio and resting place for my auto. I'd show you the before pictures but good sense tells me not to until the "after" is in place. Time to get cracking!

Have a grand weekend!

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