October 22, 2007

We gonna party like its yur' birfday...

As you know, my aunt is visiting the Northwest from Nova Scotia. Saturday was her birthday so we all headed down to my parents' place to help celebrate the occasion (the hat (above) I made and that my aunt generously wore in the pictures! uh, those not seen here...). I decided to give everyone else a rest and get my cook on so I wrangled together the celebratory dinner. We had roasted halibut and crushed potatoes with a slooooow roasted (count 'em...4.5 hours) tomato and shallot sauce. You know, a lil' wine, a lil' champagne ("cham-pag-knee" as my father would say)...and on to dessert. Ooh la la! As it was a celebration, I busted out with what is known as a Mille Crepe Cake. Granted, I didn't make it to 1000 crepes, engineering difficulties assumed, and rounded things off at around 32. Each delightful layer filled with fresh vanilla bean-flecked kirsch-infused pastry cream. Delicious! This baby takes roughly 2 to 3 days to make with all the various steps. If it took 2 to 3 weeks...it would be worth the effort!

I got a bit carried away with my torch when caramelizing the top but it didn't hurt the flavor! I mean, c'mon...its burnt SUGAR for cryin' out loud!

The grand finale...the reveal of the 1000 layers! Heaven! Thank you France! (I will say this many more times in the future of that I am certain.)

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  1. Uh, HI YUMMY! And I don't just mean the party hat. I hope I get such decadent treats on MY 80th b-day...


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