October 24, 2007

Home is where the art is.

I am thrilled that the newest installment of Art 21 is soon to be broadcast! This is the fourth installment of the program produced by PBS which features numerous artists talking about their work. As an artist myself, I was happy that there was an opportunity to hear artists speak directly about their work and process as opposed to having all of that information filtered through a journalist or art historian. It seems that often times they (journalists/art historians) tend to only add to the curtain of elitist mystique that keeps a great deal of people from exploring art. It both saddens and frustrates me when people feel no interest in art or are intimidated by it because they've been led to believe that they don't know enough. Art is not the exclusive domain of anyone but belongs to everyone.

As a professor once said to a group of artists and students, "Remember people, art historians only ride the bus...we DRIVE it!" Well put, sir, well put.

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