October 30, 2007

"Hi, Atus!"

In keeping you all abreast of the myriad details of my life's comings and goings I just wanted to alert you to the fact that I will be absent for the duration of approximately seven days time. Or, to make a long story short, I'm taking off for a week.

My aunt is nearing the end of her visit from Nova Scotia (that's in Canada - our German-speaking neighbors to the west or is it south?) so I'll be spending this last week visiting with her and my parents. So, I'll see you next week.

In addition to Halloween happening this week I imagine various employers might well see a spike in productivity levels during my absence. To them I say...you are welcome. But in the meantime, let me leave this with you as the "Top Model" poll has come to a close - shout out to Heather our winner! Be sure to vote on the newest poll...the world depends on it! Keep the dream alive, People!

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