October 01, 2008

Beefy bails.

Kids, sorry to say but your Uncle is still playing catch-up from the trip so I'm basically bailing out on a decent posting today. I'll try to round up a couple of posts for your pleasurable perusing tomorrow but thanks for your patience and enjoy some shots of downtown St. Helena in the meantime. Thanks, Kids!


  1. I'll forgive yah!


  2. ok, I thought that said beefy balls...
    I am too young for bifocals!!!

  3. james...c'mon cut me some slack! Oh what am I sayin' this for to a guy who gets done what you get done...?!?!?! I'll try to keep up! ;)

    Carol...thanks for your patience! Gettin' things put together this weekend! ;)

    em...yes, you are too young for bifocals!!! But I understand the mistake. (And I leave you with that...discuss.) ;)


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