September 30, 2008

The Beefy's Back In Town...

The vineyards at Duck Horn.

Hi Kids! I'm back in town from my delightful Napa weekend! As you know, we all headed down to visit our friends Jon & Georgina, who live in St. Helena, to help celebrate our friend Sarah's birthday. I don't think she could have asked for a better time. Well, I couldn't have anyway. It was glorious! (But we're all lucky to still have our livers intact!'s wine country!) Lordy, I love me some California! Sarah and I are already plotting a possible relocation. Hmm?

We did tours of some wineries (of course) and just lapped up the warming rays of California sunshine and great friends. Managed to squeeze in a brief day in San Francisco before putting our hangovers onto our respective flights. I was sorry that there wasn't the time to rope Victoria or Melissa in for a little bloggers meet and greet...but maybe next time? 'Cause like it or not California...I'm comin' back!

So Kids, here are a few pics to tide you over for the day and I'll see ya's tomorrow! :)

The Ferry Building in San Francisco where I managed to
leave a little food left over for the rest of the people in the city.

The interior of the Ferry Building...before the food massacre began!

My favorite food moment of the day from Miette...Buttermilk Panna Cotta with fresh chopped strawberries all delightfully contained in that sweet little jar! Delicious! (But not enough to keep me from also consuming a chicken lunch, a custard-filled Bomboloni doughnut, and two Miette cupcakes!!! My crazy druken body couldn't get enough! I think it was just happy to be getting fed something other than alcohol! Oy vey!)

That's Bunz...our mascot. I feel like he looks! (He's Jon & Georgina's puppy dog.)

Jon & Georgina's sweet St. Helena dream! Tres cute, huh?

I guess the place was a serious fixer-upper when they got it but they've done miraculous wonders already. Could I have asked for better Napa-style accommodations? I don't think so! More shots to come tomorrow.

We were actually sober in this photo taken in the wine caves at Schramsberg!

And, I'm takin' a moment to thank all these lovely folks above for their generosity, friendship, outrageously amazing senses of humor, and all their efforts in making this one incredibly phenomenal weekend! You're all loved! (And "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Miss Sarah!" Thanks for lettin' me tag along!)


  1. the entire trip sounds delightful...especially that jaunt to miette...yum.

  2. Looks like the most amazing time! So lovely. And I do think Bunz and my sweet Burkly should be dear friends. I think they'd be instantly smitten with one another.

  3. Oh, I'm so glad you had fun!! ;) I adore St. Helena!! xx (Next time we'll get together...)

  4. oh - the homesick pangs are FIERCE!!!

  5. Mmm, that panna cotta looks delish! Welcome back!

  6. That's what I get for not checking in regularly! I'm so glad you enjoyed the Ferry Building and San Francisco!

  7. omg. i WANT THAT PANNA COTTA! let's open a store in seattle with just cute little desserts in jars. *heart*!

    now that i'm back up here, erin is insisting on a bloggers meet-up. drinks darling???

  8. Oh my gosh. That room?! Ahhh!! I need that in my home.

    Can't wait to hear/see more!

  9. was delightful and Miette just put me over the top! My poor pants!

    courtney...Bunz and Burkly? That sounds much too perfect! St. Bernard too, Miss Courtney? Nevermind if they'd be smitten...I'd be smitten! time we BETTER get together! Fo' sho'! Can't wait! know I hear ya'! But hey it's grey and rainy today and wouldn't we all want that instead of Napa sunshine. I think so...blach!

    laura...thanks! Though not thrilled to be back quite frankly! I should've just bought the lot of the panna cotta's and suffered the humiliation of gluttonous delight! But I bet my friends are glad I chose to do otherwise!

    tangobaby...omg! I forgot you were in the SF area too! And Ms. Wellspring! Oh...we're going to have to have a serious gathering next time I'm down! With any luck it'll be with a moving van!

    coc0 + kelly...I second that emotion! Drinks? Oh dear me...I don't drink! ;) OF COURSE! You know I'd be up for a lil' cassandra/erin meet and greet!

    mary...need that room in your home? Why not just make it your home?!! Let's tag team wrastle 'em for it! Grrrr! ;)

  10. Better let us know next time so we can take you out on the town!


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