October 02, 2008

Napa Style

Georgina actually rides this to school at the CIA. I'd spill my drink if I tried that.

Good morning, Kids. Running around like a crazy person...still. How is it possible that so many things can pile up after only 4 days away? Nuts! But these photos help to immediately place my mind into longing and relaxation.

This is where we stayed during our Napa hiatus for Sarah's birthday. Jon and Georgina have done alot to this 1902 cutie and it was the perfect respite to rest our inflated and overtaxed livers. They bought the house less than a year ago after Georgina was accepted to the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. Sadly, she's a talented cook already, attractive, charming, funny, a delightful hostess, with an adorable house in Napa, and a looker of a husband with humor to spare. Don't worry, Kids...we all "hate" her!

Bon app├ętit!

100+ years and still kickin' it!

I think folding chairs and a rabid pit bull would look more welcoming but whatever.

That's Beefy's bed over by the wall. Beefy slept here. Should I send a plaque?

I couldn't get any work done here. This is daydream grand central!

I seriously hearted the glass canisters below with the vintage tea cups as scoops.

Georgina preparing the outside table for Jon's wine tasting.

I thought we shoulda put out some Cheetos and Pork Rinds. Y'know to keep it "klassy".

Yes, indeed...good times were had aplenty! Sigh. I miss you California...don't forget to write!


  1. Stop it! I love her. She's living my dream life!

    I'm Kirtsying!

  2. Ooooooooh Bradford!!!! Love the blog!! You are way too much!! California misses you and your divine wit. There will always be a tiny twin size bed waiting with your name on it. Come see us again soon!! Thanks for all the kind words!! Love you much!! xo, Georgina

  3. OMG, I can't believe you didn't invite me to go w/you! ;)

  4. ditto on missing california. what lovely pictures, too. thanks for sharing :)

  5. Such a beautiful house, great style!
    I want to come next time.

  6. Stunning home.

    But the cheese fruit and meat platter really caught my eye! I already had breakfast but I could eat again.

  7. Oh, that looks DIVINE! I'm tres jealous. ;)

  8. mary...thanks for the Kirtsy! I know Georgina would be most flattered.

    Georgina! Look everyone! It's Miss Georgina herself! No you are too much! And you deserve much praise for all of your multitudes of talent! MWAH!

    laura...you didn't get the invitation? Mary? What did you do with that invitation?!! ;)

    fert...are you originally from California? Did I know that already? There's lots of loveliness to miss.

    sweet paul...now you know I'd force Georgina to make you welcome! You two would have a field day with her food and your styling...or even the other way around! I may even get a lil' jealous! ;)

    lobster & swan...that platter was delicious AND devoured! So tasty! Particularly Georgina's suggestion of fig with blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto! YUM!

    melissa...me thinks you'll have to join us next time? Oui? :)

    Thanks for all the comments, Kids!

  9. Oh how wonderful! I would love to daydream in that study also.

  10. Looks like an incredible trip and the home is absolutely beautiful!! Love it all...you should really share the pix of y'all AFTER tasting all that wine!!!

  11. em...we're speakin' the same language!!!

    carolina...you're already doing some daydreaming with that fab blog of your's! But always nice to switch up the scenery, eh? ;)

    barn house...Jermonne & Joe...I can imagine y'all would like this place and, yes, it was a great trip. I would have shown the photos after the wine tasting but they don't allow cameras in the rehab facility! ;) Will try to be down for the last sale of the season so maybe see ya's soon?

  12. Just noticed the perfect champagne flutes! Edge from Crate and Barrel... fantastcic!

  13. This is seriously a fantasy home. Pea GREEN

  14. Oh, it's even better in PERSON!! Had to go back to the blog and revisit....SO MUCH FUN today!! xx

  15. What a uniquely stylish home and festive party! Happy Birthday!

  16. Oh no. I had just decided on colors and decor for my new kitchen and this post is making me totally reconsider them. My husband won't be pleased with you :D

    I love this house and everything in it! The glass cannisters are amazing, and tea-cup scoops?? How amazing is that?!

    The office...that's my heaven.

  17. Ah....now I see. I was over on Pinterest pinning every single one of your photos of her gorgeous home. Now I get the full beautiful picture! ( by the way, your photos ARE gorgeous) Love it all....so very beautiful, peaceful and calm. LOVE the teacups as scoops....that is a genius detail. But, what really made my day? Your captions...." I think folding chairs & a rabid pit bull would be more inviting but, whatever.: HA! That made me laugh out loud...your so clev-ah darlin!


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