August 28, 2008

Green Acres

So here are some images from the fabtastilicious Barn House that I went to over the past weekend. I love country style...but not too country...know what I'm sayin'? I like a balanced mix...and eclectic mix, but a balanced one. Barn House was a perfect mix of country charm and urban chic so you know your Uncle will be going again and again. Like some kinda glam Green Acres! Enjoy!

The genius behind Barn House...Joe and Jermonne.

That's all she wrote! (Do you really need descriptive text with these photos? I didn't think so.) I'll see ya's tomorrow, Kids!

PS - So, all is well in Computerville now! It was some kind of booting glitch...??? Nothing lost thank goodness. Thanks for being patient, Kids!


  1. i never thought i'd have a reason to visit battle ground, washington. EVER. but apparently, things change. that place looks awesome, and i'm moving back to seattle, so it's a done deal!

  2. Wow- what a great looking place!

    And Joe is totally cute!

    I like the buckets too!

  3. oh my goodness. i need to go there -- NOW!

  4. I ache to be there! Those twin beds! That swing with straw in it!!! Amen on the balance thing....

  5. uncle beef, this barn is amazing. Those outside beds are to die for.

  6. Howdy from The Boys of Barn House!! Thanks so much for coming out and bringing your lovely mother. It was great meeting you both and don't worry at all about knocking anything over...if it wasn't you it would have been the chickens or goats or sheep! ;o)

    J & J

  7. Beefy! I love these photos!!! It looks like you had such a great time:)

  8. Oh, help. I want to live there! I would melt upon entering this place...

  9. time can you take me with you? i think this is the exactly perfect place for me to find a whole bunch of treasure on my "need to find" list. barn house can just have my next pay check. ;o)


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