September 04, 2008

Hello "fellow*"!

The debut cover! (I know...I wondered why I wasn't on it too? Hmm?
But I guess that's what the centerfold is for...NOT! Kidding! Really it's safe, Kids.)

Good morning (almost afternoon), Kids! I am happy to introduce you to fellow*, the debut online magazine from James Saavedra of Decor Fellow and Saavedra Design Studio. James has clearly been workin' his tuchus off to put together a veeeeerrrry comprehensive and oh-so-stylish publication! With contributors such as Erin Loechner of Design for Mankind (who also puts out a stupendous magazine!), designer Vincente Wolf, and fave florist Erin Rosenow...your Uncle is humbled in their company. Yes! Didn't you hear? Your Uncle was graciously asked to contribute a Seattle city guide! Want to know more? Of course you click here and get to perusing!


  1. Congradulations Bradford! What an honor. It looks to be a fabulous magazine and I'm sure you will rock it! Wahoo.


  2. Congrats! I think I definitely need to visit the pacific northwest - SO much coolness up there - including yourself, of course. What a great online mag and many fantastic recs! (And what a cool online service that lets you make online mags for free!)

  3. Oh my gosh, BEEFY!! That is fabulous!! I'm so impressed. And excited to have a new online mag to peruse. I mean, clearly they have good taste. Thank you for the deliciously lovely and perfect birthday wishes. You made my day. You rock my world. You are the yin to my yang. I am the patty to your beefsteak. You ar--

    OOH that sounds naughty! And kind of disgusting. So on that note (since I'm four large cocktails in), tootalooooo! Recap manana:)

  4. Anything that involves Vicente Wolf, has my attention!!

  5. I love the word "fellow". Looks rad!

  6. Woo-hoo!!!! How fabulous you are!! Love it! xxxM

  7. AWESOME job, Beefy! And what a great well done!

  8. I love all these tiny magazines coming out of the blogging world. It's the best thing ever. I'll be reading your Seattle guide for my next trip up there.

  9. My dear, this is fan-freakin'-tastic! Love it and kudos on the excellent guide to our pretty little city!

  10. Thanks for all the shout outs, Kids! And let's all give a big round of applause to Mr. James Saavedra! Hoorah!

    Carol...thanks for the "shout out"! :) Doesn't it look fantastic? And it's so big for a first issue! Flattered that James asked for my contribution.

    celestyna...isn't the issuu thing SO fantastic! I'd love to do something on there...if I could ever find the time!?!?! And thanks for the "cool" flatter me so! And I love it! Thanks :)

    bee...thanks and you're welcome! Hope you had a fab birthday! I have no doubts you did :) Right back atcha with a mwah!

    carolina...I hear you on that! He's a pretty talented guy. In fact, I bet he'll go far one day ;)

    kate...!!! Hello! Yeah...fellow is such a gentile word. Sophisticated and homey at the same time. Nice to hear you stopped by!

    melissa...seriously, who's fabulous (i.e., you)? Aren't we all? Well, my therapist says only I am...but then I pay for that information. ;)

    mary...thanks :) It is a great mag isn't it? Just weird to be doing something for a magazine while keeping my clothes on. But then I was in college and needed the money! ;)

    chelsea...always so lovely to see you've stopped by! When is your magazine coming out? I bet it'd be yummy deliciousness! Maybe you should do a guide for Portland? Hmmm? Need to get back down there as well...soon!

    apt #34...thanks, Erin! I bet y'all could've done some serious damage with clothing guides to Seattle. You stylish Seattlite, you!

    james...and an even more "excellenter" magazine! Keep it up! You are well loved here at the Bedlam as you can see :) Thanks again!


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