August 25, 2008


Good morning, Kids. What a weekend. What a Monday. So, you know that I was down visiting the parents for my Mom's birthday. Mom and I went off to Barn House which was AMAZING! In my ever gracious manner of great first impressions I broke a lovely vase within minutes of my entrance, and cut my hands in five small places on my hand producing an unlikely amount of blood. Ah yes...glamorous! But they let me stay (thanks Joe and Jermonne!). And I got some great photos!

I finished my resume "package" and exercised every ounce of perfectionism in my being. I'm pretty darn happy about the overall results. Actually, quite ecstatic as it could even rival Martha's quality control. Yeah...I said it! I am sending it off to a potential employer today and am hoping it knocks their socks off...and maybe a pair of shoes or two? I got some photos of that too!

Then I got the call from Kendall. It would appear (though remember I am not at home right now) that my computer has crashed...? If so, this will be the second time in less than a year. Hooray for me! I had some choice expletives initially. I'm going to once again lose a lot of stuff. And I am not particularly happy with Apple at the moment. But all in all, in the moment, what are you gonna do? Last night was a spiritual exercise that I came out of on the other end in great shape. However, my psyche aside, it remains uncertain as to when I'll be back up blogging in my usual fashion...??? (Thus no fab photos.)

We'll see what I can make of things when I get home and I'll do my best to keep you updated. But your spiritual exercise this week may just have to be "patience". But I know you can do that...and very well.

Hope to see you relatively soon, Kids. :)


  1. Never been a better time to recite my motto: "Keep it real."

    So sorry about the vase, your hand (ouch), and the computer.

    When it rains, it pours.

    Thinking of you!


  2. Looks like a great place to visit and a good weekend! Also, just put a post up discussing where you live and what you like about it - would love your input!

  3. I dunno, Beef Sauce, that place is so adorable, I think a road trip is in order - a little shopping - a little dinner in Portland... time to book the dog sitter!!
    Yeah - I said Beef Sauce


  4. Hope the hand (and your pride) are not hurt too bad. You are too funny...reading your blog always make me smile, and laugh a little too.

  5. i've been away too long...the past, like, fifteen posts kicked my boutique with cool.

    sorry. jet lag. making no sense.

    all this means that this space is better than ever. as are you...

  6. OY! I'm really hoping your computer hasn't crashed again. And thinking of that while you're away has to be the worst part.

    Enjoy your time away and try not to break anything else. :)

  7. Aw, Beef. I'm sorry to hear about the computer (and vase) crash; what a pain. But at least your resume is up and ready to go and I have great faith that you'll land something perfect in no time.

  8. sorry to hear about the "spiritual exercises".....have you been praying for patience??

  9. Hope spending time with your parents makes up a little for your technical and blood loss! : )

  10. Oh no! Beef, I'm so sorry, that is completely frustrating. I hope your computer—and hand—are back on the mend soon:)

    SO brings me back to college, when my computer crashed FOUR DAYS before my portfolio was due. Literally didn't sleep, trying to piece everything back together. I'm feeling your pain, my friend.

    On a happy note, I'm SO happy to be back here! I had such an amazing vacation but coming back to 1000 angry posts in your Google Reader is no fun! Naturally I'm checking your loveliness first and foremost. Missed ya Beef Sauce.

    Oh yes, I LOVE that new nickname and am borrowing it from Em. F'ing hilarious!


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