August 06, 2008

I see London, I see France!

Going through the memory sticks from my camera to get the pics of the recent Colorado 2008 trip and found some lost photos of our trip to Paris 2007. Sigh. Now there's a trip well worth repeating.


  1. Beefy - whenever you wanna go back there, just let me know! I'll go with you!I've never been...:(

    I have a strange feeling we'd have a hoot!

    Thanks for all your comments(your visit: 36 minutes, 8 seconds BTW)!


  2. That must have been a good suprise! I love looking at old photographs from past trips, makes me relive those memories :-)
    Thank you for adding my logo to your sidebar, and thank you ever so much for adding the new instead of the old, messy one ;-)!!

  3. Oh, the irony of it all! I've never been to Europe (yet), but I am sure Paris is everything I'd think it would be (and more)!

  4. bitter know it! Did you really have to put my time up there?!! ;) was a GREAT surprise because they were on a different memory card that I never downloaded so forgot we even had them! And, of course, you are most welcome!

    mary...I was a bit worried that I had built up Paris a bit too much in my head before I left. Like I "met" the city on or something but was about to go on a real date. It did not disappoint! It swept me off of my feet! I'm just waiting for Paris to "pop the question"! Go, go, go!

    alexis...woman, I SO hear you on that one! Really, I MISS it! Joyous...isn't it?

  5. I see Beefy's underpants!



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