November 17, 2010

"Hi, coffee! Glad you could make it! Say, have you met keyboard? Oh, you really must meet! Here... let me introduce you!"

Well, after all my years using a computer... not bad, huh? Pretty good track record wouldn't you say? Huh? OH! Don'tcha know?!! Oh dear!

Resident genius and coffee addict here, for the first time ever, dumped an entire cup of coffee over my keyboard. It was doing just fine for a bit but by the time I got home from work it had decided that it loved self-typing "7" over and over again without provocation. And, it looks like my keyboard and the letter "e" must have had enough of each other after all. In a word... kaput!

No, I'm not writing this from my keyboard (see aforementioned situation). And, I don't know how soon I'll be able to be back in business given that Apple doesn't seem to have much fondness for us designery types who live in the middle of freaking nowhere. So, I haven't the foggiest idea whenst I shall come upon an Apple compatible keyboard in my neck of the woods...???

Fear not though, Kids! Your Uncle is on the case and will do his best to rectify (that's fancy talk for 'fix') this situation as soon as possible!

So, that gives all y'all a little extra time to enter the giveaway (through the end of today anyway).

"When you gonna blog, Beef? I don't know when. But, we'll get together then, Kids. You know we'll have a good time then."


  1. Oh no! I did the same thing with the remote to our dvd player a few days ago.

    Hope to hear from you sooner rather than later!

  2. Ok, so ...
    did ya get one of those teeny tiny little straws and recoup your investment on the mean bean? this economy.

    RIP little keyboard.

    Hope to see you back in action soon.

    Until then, you might want to look into
    a Tommy Tippee cup.

  3. happens...
    a "fast recovery" then!

  4. Oh dear. I am sorry to hear about the keyboard. Maybe put it out there to the twitterverse and see if people can connect to get you a new keyboard soon?

  5. I've done it before too...kind of hurts the wallet! :(

  6. Ugh, so sorry uncle B. Hope that things get fixed up real fast!

  7. No political content here, I'm assuming? LOL, and so sorry about your accident!

  8. No political content here, I'm assuming? LOL, and so sorry about your accident!

  9. I think you should just do a post consisting of all 7's. It is a lucky number, right?

  10. oh yes, been there done that with ice coffee. It wasn't pretty...

    Here's to a rapid repair!

  11. That's no fun. I hope you get it fixed up in no time as I enjoy reading your posts! Too bad that's not covered in apple's warranty. I'm always worried I will do that same thing so I keep a little coaster on a table next to my desk where I keep my drinks just to be safe.

  12. Oh no...I am sorry to ear about that...Hope to read you again brave Uncle !!!!!

  13. Welcome to the club Beefy! I killed my cell phone by baptizing it in spaghetti sauce and my best friend zapped her computer by spilling the remaining milk from her bowl of peanut butter puffs in every nook and cranny. We creative folks can't be trusted with these sorts of things.

    Best of luck!

  14. OMG, that sucks. I know someone who did that to their brand new macbook pro. Had to pay major bucks for a repair. Perhaps you can order a used keyboard from ebay or something... Good luck!!


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