July 02, 2010

Where? In what? A basket?

Photo by your Uncle Beefy.

Kids, Kids, Kids, Kids, Kids! This is called posting on the fly! As my friend, Julia, put so eloquently this morning, I'm burning the "candelabra" at both ends! Lots and lots of candle ends going at the moment! Or, to reference the above image more directly... my basket is full!

I'm still working on settling up the accident (looks like the guy who hit me is likely to get off scot-free as they don't know who or where he is). (Side note: Geico Insurance has been incredible throughout this entire process!) Trying to finish up a few different creative projects. Working with my friend, Georgina, doing some food styling and photographs. And, making the transition out of one job and into the new one I just got. Oh, and cooking the occasional dinner and sleeping. Yeah. Lots going on!

So now we head off into the 4th of July weekend! Any fun and exciting plans? Just be safe and have fun!


  1. This basket looks delicious! As it's going to be super hot here in germanxy, i'll dive right into a big red watermelon, one of my favourite fruits. Have a great weekend!

  2. Just came back from the Farmers market and I wish my basket looked as GORGEOUS..so fresh and colorful.

  3. Hi B!! I love that basket- so summer. I love all that summer brings-even the heat...ok not the mosquitos. I have having low key(yay) weekend. So happy things are rolling along so well for you!!
    You deserve only good days:)
    Someday we will dine and go to SF farmers market :) yum.
    Happy 4th Bradford!!

  4. gorgeous!!!! i am so excited about your new projects!! Also, you got the job?? Exciting!!!

  5. That is one good looking basket you've got there Uncle B! I want to hear more about this new job! Excited for you!

  6. Wouldn't mind a basket like that for our picnic here in sunny Oxford this afternoon!

    We had a wonderful 4th at an expat garden party, complete with Martha Stewart's American flag cake baked by our adorable hostess.

  7. The Basket looks delicious.



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