March 29, 2010

Monday, Monday


  1. Wow! I adore this photo and your sketches!!! Love seeing your talents!

  2. LOVE the doodles. Would be great napkins!

  3. I loved this! You are so talented. That cake sketch is fabulous!!

  4. Isn't gouache the best? I love it and you too Beefy!

  5. oooh i love your doodles...(that sounded bad ;-)
    the cake is rockin!

  6. Lovely drawings and a lovely photo, too — so inspiring!


  7. Beefy you are just too awesome.

  8. love the 'doodles' even though they are much more than that! i love it even more that u are using them as a place to set your coffee. that is truly just going with it!

  9. chelsea... you are so sweet thanks for spreadin' the love all over the place! :)

    Lee Nicholson... thanks muchly! And, yes, napkins to wipe copious amounts of frosting off of one's face! ;)

    mary... thanks so much! Now if I can just do a little somethin' more with 'em!

    cara... who are you and who said you could be here?!! Kidding, honey! SO lovely to see you and be reconnected after so much time! MWAH!!! :)

    Joslyn... Y'know generally I like to think of this blog as "PG", but since you're so fabulous, I'm gonna let this risque comment slide. This time! ;)

    automatism... thanks, m'dear! :)

    ash... pass me some cold water and a fan! I'm blushing from ear to ear! Thanks! :)

    michael... Mister, thanks so much for becoming a regular commenter here at The Bedlam! It's is muchly appreciated!

    Thanks, again, for all the sweet comments, Kids. I know that there can be sizable gaps between the times I'm able to respond back to your comments. However, I read each and every one and appreciate all y'all taking time out of your busy schedules to share your thoughts! Much obliged! :)

  10. I love that you danced with your dog! Inspiring indeed...

  11. Nice! It is such peace when we go with the flow- last time my power went out I painted my bedroom! Yes it was daytime :)
    Your doodles are fab-the cake would be a darling invitation :)

  12. nice! what kind of paints are those? I love the brown paper - gives me an idea for a homemade garden journal. <3


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