February 01, 2010

Flaky... but sweet!


  1. Is the project "Mission Feed Janey"?! I hope so.

  2. Mouth watering...."make-me-drool- project" accomplished!

  3. Jane... Oh you know of this very important mission?! It is truly a worthy cause, huh? ;)

    Simply Mel... if only it was just a photo I had to go by! But my own "kitchen stadium" did okay yesterday. A little more tweaking but happily cleaning crumbs just the same.

    Annabelle... I think I must have posted that particular picture because something lemony just speaks of spring. And I am very ready for that!

    Thanks, Ladies! :)

  4. Whatcha workin' on?? Haven't visited you in a a week or so. Fun to catch up! xoxo


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