January 22, 2010

Happy Weekending, Kids!

Photo by your Uncle. 

Good Friday morning, Kids!  So before I get swept off to work I just wanted to wish all y'all a very happy weekend!  I know things were a bit hit and miss this week so thanks for being patient.  I am working on a few projects behind the scenes (which may add a bit of "hit n' miss" to next week as well) but I hope to share some of the scoop with you in the near future.

And, while I've got you here I just want to say "Thanks!" for stopping by the Bedlam and following along.  It really means a great deal that you choose to spend a little of your time with me. Be well, Kids!



  1. Your blog pictures are so heavenly! They're big and bright and so much fun. Thanks for a great blog and terrific postings. I'm hooked!



  2. won't it be nice when we can sit back on the front porch? we're shoveling snow in the southwest--so I'm feeling a bit apprehensive for what this weather will bring the rest of the country. Have a relaxing sunday.

  3. Isn't that your friend's place in/near Napa? can you pleaae remind me of the date f that post - I want to drool over it again! Thanks unks

  4. hey i know that porch! i miss that porch! thanks for the pic...always love your blog ;-)


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