September 01, 2009

Cheese... Cake

Oh, c'mon! The first day of September kinda calls for this don'tcha think? I mean really.

Hi, Kids! Yep, it's me the Uncle. Am I back? Kinda sorta, I suppose. Probably easing back into things at the moment. While I've been missing the blogosphere, it has been a refreshing break. Having one less thing on the to-do list was much appreciated even if it got replaced by a multitude of other things. Did I get all the things done that I set out to do? Um, no. They say that "man makes plans and God laughs". Then the last couple of weeks must have been a veritable comedy festival from "His" perspective. But dents were made which is more than I can say for a couple of weeks ago! A couple of weeks?!! It's been THAT long. Nuts.

Fall is pushing on in a big way. The leaves on some trees have begun lightly falling. The temperatures have dropped and clear mornings are now fog-draped and dew-laden (Sounds very Harlequin Romance, eh? Don't worry... no mentions of anyone's "thrusting manhood" here.). All in all, it has me thinking about Halloween, cool nights, warm cocoa, and how much crap I may or may not get done! Dammit.

I've gotten sucked into A&E's "Hoarders" which has me contemplating what the application process is for that show...? And, how amenable the crew might be in filming me from my best angle. Last night's episode showed a close-up shot of a cover of House Beautiful "101 Best Makeovers" lying on a floor that spanned out into a room of complete chaos. I'm guessing a red wardrobe might help me show up on camera better given the backdrop? But I digress.

I have been baking up a storm while on hiatus. Okay, maybe not a "storm" but somehow "baking up a light breeze" didn't seem as effective from a literary standpoint. Our friends Chance & Temre just had a birthday blowout... Chance's birthday along with their daughter, McKenna's, big "1st". The initial request was for, you guessed it, cupcakes. But my work schedule would have rendered that undertaking useless so I settled on a myriad of layer cakes. Excuse the gold pastry rounds... they're all I could get.

I'm still mulling over the idea of pastry school. Though I have had a few people who think I should just skip it altogether. Some with the background and experience to move their opinion beyond delusional optimism (but thanks, Mom & Dad). But if I did decide to do it, it's the money part that would be the biggest hurdle. I may have to have a blogging fundraiser or something. Ooh! Maybe a Blog-A-Thon?!! That might work. Maybe I can get Marilyn McCoo to do a couple of numbers on my behalf? Mickey Rooney must be desperate for work these days (Yes... he's STILL alive!). The thing is, despite my elusive charms and talents, how am I ever going to engender the same level of cash-producing guilt as a 5-year-old in a wheelchair singing "The Rainbow Connection"?

See, Kids... so much to do.


  1. Thanks for the musical stylings of Neil-D. He makes every day feel like September morning with a sparkly shirt unbuttoned down to *there*. I think the cakes look amazing, and that you should follow your bliss. Life is short. Bake cakes and love it!

  2. welcome back!!! (for now at least). honey, you can bake up a breeze for me anytime. i'm glad your break has been refreshing. i personally think you should have your own TV show on being beefy.

    and thanks for the cheesecake that is neil diamond.


  3. Mmmmm lemon strawberry please! Such tasty confections!

  4. Too funny re; "Hoarders".... I thought I was the only one watching that show. It is one of my "secrets" - right up there with Desperate Housewives of NY and NJ (the Atlanta version looks intriguing too!).

    I have - unsuccessfully - been looking for a bananas foster cake recipe. Can you point me in the direction - yours looks fantastic!

  5. Good mornin', Kids! Er, uh, okay now afternoon.

    Denise...I just couldn't resist the Neil on such a day. Thanks for the pep talk! :)

    tula... I'll work on getting back into the swing of things, don't worry. I don't know how interesting my "show" would be but it certainly couldn't be worse than "Daisy of Love" or whatever that crap is!

    Jane... SEE! Now that was my first choice as well but the LEAST popular choice at the party...?!?!?! I thought it would be a refreshing alternative to the richer offerings but nope. At least some of us have good taste. ;)

    "E" Street... One, thanks for stopping by! Welcome! Believe me we're not the only ones watching "Hoarders"! And right there with you on Housewives of NY. As far as the Bananas Foster cake recipe, that is one that I created on my own. It still needs some tweaking. Not meaning to be all greedy but holding onto my recipes for the time being. But look to the classic recipe for the dessert and experiment... you might be surprised at what you could do! You look pretty skilled in the kitchen dept.! :)

    Thanks, Kids! Nice to be back with y'all. :)

  6. Oh my love!!! so glad you are back!!!! I'm lonely here in France and keep logging on to your blog to try to latch on to something from home....miss you and of course HOME.

    xoxo, g

  7. sooooo glad you're back. Missed you Beefy. LOVE to you xoxoxo

  8. So happy to see you back!! Those cakes all look amazing. Lemon strawberry for me too, but what is a 'banana fosters cake'? An American concoction? Looks delicious!

  9. Talk about a sweet comeback! But are you kidding - you baked ALL of those cakes?! A MYRIAD of layer cakes - that's a whole lot of layers B !! Your label for this post, "moment of insanity" seems accurate, haha. How fabulous! I wish I were having a 1st birthday so you could whip up a few cakes like this. I'd even settle for just 1 or 2!

    Meanwhile, I totally wanted to swipe one of those caramels right off the top of that cake... whoooosh, nobody saw a thing! ;)

  10. I'm not sure if you even need pastry school, Beefy, these cakes look amazing. I am especially curious about the Malted one from the Baked book--I have eyed that recipe lustily many a time but never made it. They all look awesome though. And I must echo, fall is in the air in a big way. I love those heartbreakingly blue skies of September.

  11. Wow! Look who's back! Delicious looking cakes.

  12. The cakes look good.

    I found your blog through your post today on The English Muse.

  13. Love your blog! Your culinary prowess wows me. I want to adopt you!


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