December 01, 2008

Local Boy Bakes Good

Good Monday morning, Kids! So how was your weekend? Hopefully, it was a good one with a little early holiday shopping (from fabtastic independent retailers?) and some much-deserved relaxation and down time. As you all know, I was bustin' it out baker-style with my Saturday morning cupcake marathon session. All in all...273 in total! We managed to deliver all of them to Sarah in one trip with only 3 casualties in the process - two to the laws of awkward movement and gravity and another to a rogue coat zipper. What was on the menu? Chocolate Cake with Coconut Milk Buttercream & Toasted Coconut, Yellow Cake with Fresh Strawberry Buttercream, Lemon Cake with Pomegranate & Blueberry Buttercream, and Orange Cake with Fresh Cranberry Buttercream. All from scratch, no flavorings or artificial colorings, fresh fruit...and a whole lot o' deliciousness! (I'm just sayin'.) ;)

Am I going to show you ask? Honey! If you asked a Grandmother to show you photos of the grandkids d'you think she's gonna say, "No, not now."?!! Of course I'm gonna show you photos! More than you may be able to stand! But after today, I promise, it'll be a good while before I subject you to these again.

Haley (loveliest employee and all-around-person in the universe!) and Sarah putting the finishing touches on the table o' treats. By this point, I was a little sick of my sugar trip but I made very good friends with that champagne punch...I'll tell you what! Woo woo!

Le Grande Finale!


  1. these look picture perfect Beefy! Can you air a few dozen to Sunny California? Oh, please say yes:)

  2. I love that you made them from scratch without any artificial ingredients. They look beautiful. I'll have the orange wtih cranberry for starters....oh, and a glass of champagne punch!

    P.S. Love the photo that is second from the top!!

  3. good lord! i'm on sugar overload just looking at these scrumptious photos. you are AMAZING!

    i'm thinking of doing a party in january if you're available... ;)

  4. Beefy, you are truly amazing! They all look scrumptous! The shop looked cute too. And, ya know I would be all over the champagne punch. So, I am having a gathering at the boutique this month and am thinking I should have you whip me up a few dozen. Interested? Thanks Beefy!

  5. Those look AMAZING!!! I had no idea what an amazing baker you are! Wish I could have been there to eat one...


  6. Mmmm, they look fantastic and
    I'm sure they taste yummy too!
    I love the punchbowl jar!
    The store looks very cute!

  7. Oh my God. I'll say it again: you need to open your own bakery!!!!

    Can I order a dozen Chocolate Cake with Coconut Milk Buttercream & Toasted Coconut, to go?

  8. dottie...thanks!


    james...if I could, I would. Shipping cupcakes is tricky. But I know of one bakery that seems to have figured it out. How I don't know. Freezing? Hmm. Much better fly on up here and pick 'em up! ;)

    jae...oh yes! NO mixes here! I like it real and down home! many do you need? :) Just sayin'.

    em...that'll be $487 please. What? Butter can be pricey these days! ;) One day I'll whip you up a batch!

    carol...we should talk! It's the getting them up to Marysville from Bainbridge in good condition that will be the challenge. Just getting these from my house to the store (5 minutes away) was a challenge! But y'all can hit me up if you wanna! :)

    miss melissa...I'm tryin', I'm tryin'. If not adding to the cupcake scene in the NW...then perhaps the Bay Area? I might need some taste testers...know anyone? ;)

    mr. peacock...gotta say that they do taste pretty darn good. The strawberry and the coconut are the top favorites with people. Isn't that jar great? Ready...Costco = $40-ish. I KNOW!

    kimberlee...thanks (from down under)! LOVE your blog!

    miss mary!!! How do? I may just open my own bakery...we'll see? "To go"? I say "For HERE!!!" :)

    THANKS for the love, Kids!

  9. Two of each please! And the store? It looks gorgeous!

  10. I am stunned. I mean, seriously in awe. I knew you were talented, but this is just BEAUTIFUL, Beefy! So happy for you:)

    Now, be a peach and FedEx me an assorted batch, will ya? Hehe

  11. i have that beverage dispenser...but where is the stand from?!

  12. thanks megan & stephanie :) know if I could I would! far as I know, Sarah found it at Costco with the stand. But I'll see if I can't double-check with her and get back to you later. :)

    Bye for now, Ladies!

  13. Okay, that does it. I am driving up to Bainbridge to find you wrap an apron around you.

  14. O. M. G.
    You are a cruel, cruel, CRUEL man.

    Also I like that champagne punch dispenser thingy. Any idea where they got it? I think I need one next to my desk :)

  15. i've been away for a couple of days and this is what you came up with? AWESOME uncle beefy!!! whoaaa, how i wish i could see that in person :D


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