November 25, 2008

Kennedy & Cake!

Well, Kids...I know I just said I'd be signing off until after the holidays. Hello...LIAR! Here I am again...already! But I just thought I'd throw it out there to any of you Seattle-area readers that if you happen to be out-n-about this shopping weekend, your Uncle will be in attendance this Saturday the 29th at the Kennedy & Kate Holiday Open House on Bainbridge Island (map here!). I'll be pumping out my fresh cupcakes while Sarah pours the Champagne punch! Because we all know everything is better with bubbles...and "Beefy" too! ;) (Right? ... I SAID...RIGHT?! Hee-hee!)


  1. Right! You are so much fun :)

    Have a happy holiday!

  2. This is such a tease to me, Beefy! I would LOVE to come see you and taste your cupcakes (wow, does that sound SAUCY!) but, alas, I can't fire up the private jet, what with the fuel crisis and all. Have so much fun though:) Will you post pix?

  3. oh how i wish uncle beefy!!! enjoy your time :D

  4. Kelly...I'm glad you agree! ;) Have a great holiday weekend yourself! :), simmer down with the saucy! But lemme tell ya'...I am poised to offer one of the best cupcakes in the country! So it might be worth the trip? ;) (Hello, early morning confidence!) I will most certainly try to post pics! Hope you and Paul have a great Thanksgiving! :)

    shill...well, maybe one day. Maybe one day. Hope you have a lovely weekend! :)

    Have a happy Wednesday, Ladies! :)

  5. HELLO from Amsterdam. I visited your mouthwatering blog for the first time. Very nice. bye for now.
    k a r i n

  6. Beef,
    Just popped back over to say happy thanksgiving and--OOH--a response to moi?! I have to double-check your comments pages more often!

    Now, I wanted to let you know that I've prepared two pies today and Charlene is cooking an extra batch of your favorite mashed potatoes (the kind with the heavy cream and shallots), so I'd suggest you wear the elastic-waist denim today, sugar. Also, I've just finished sewing our matching pink corduroy button-downs. Yours says Uncle Beef on the back, Elvis-style, in a gold lame. See you at 3pm, k?


  7. wish I could have been around to sample one of these. they look so light and delicious. Have a fabulous sunday!


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