November 17, 2008

What the cup? Cake.

Based upon this evidence...I am still a better baker than a photographer.
All things in time.

I think I've used this title before? Yeah...a bit cheesy and I guess I can put away my Pulitzer acceptance speech, but it's Monday. It's super foggy here but the temperature is quite nice. Should make for a nice dog walk this morning but it's not going to get me out of work. I'm a bit bushed. And I didn't manage to accomplish or get to a number of things I wanted to do this weekend (sorry Carol!). But I did bust out my recipes and my cupcake pans for a Saturday morning baking bonanza. I whipped up a few large batches, along with a few minis, of my chocolate cupcake with fresh coconut milk buttercream and toasted coconut, and yellow cake with fresh raspberry buttercream. (Yes, all from scratch. It's your Uncle here, Kids!) Apparently, if some have their way, I am meant to go into the cupcake business. Hmm. If so, I'd better think of a good name. Somehow I'm guessing that "Beefy" and "Cupcake" make about as delightful a linguistic combo as "Jagermeister" and "Bride".

Today is one more day of non-rain before the inevitable deluge starts. So I'm going to be hauling myself out for a bit of yard work before the wetness starts or my neighbors begin to picket...then off to work. So this is an easy start to the beginning of what I hope will be a splendid week for all of us!


  1. What an amazing looking cupcake.
    I se see that its moist and yummy.
    It made me hungry.
    Must have cupcakes now!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mmmmmm....cupcakes. Wish my real uncle made cupcakes that good!

    As for your cupcake about "Beefcakes"? Hahahaha. No really, don't use that! :-P

  3. I don't expect to come here to be tortured...

    Ithink 'Beefcakes' is an excellent name. All the women and gay men would be queuing round the block expecting to find the Chippendales only to be met with awesome cupcakes at the end and be even more delighted...

    Off to raid my daughter's Halloween candy stash now. See what you've done to me? (Oh and did you see my recent posts on the Obama/Halloween cupcakes from Trophy?)

  4. Seriously! Beefackes! I challenge you to do some kind of savory Bacon cupcake with say, a bleu cheese 'frosting'. Yay for your new adventure, Uncle B!

  5. Yummy in my tummy. Please send some over spit spot!

  6. You know, I thought we put the Jagermeister incident behind us, Beefy. I THOUGHT that we AGREED it was just a one-time slip-up on my part, and that we wouldn't speak of the shotgun wedding or the matching tattoos. But, no. You just had to have your (cup) cake and eat it, too, DIDN'T YOU?

    Oh, now go ahead and use my pun. I know it was as witty as What the cup?. ;)

  7. That cupcake looks splendid!!!!! Yay for Beefcakes:)

  8. Carol forgives you :)

    p.s. Carol also expects you to make it up to her..... cupcakes would work. Delivered in person, of coarse!

  9. how about uncle sugar's?! i promise my husband will not be opening a bakery anytime soon.

    now, an italian restaurant?! perhaps...

    OHMYGOD! my word verification is undle!

  10. sweet paul...thanks, P.! They did turn out pretty tasty I must say. So did you make any yourself? Hmm?

    kelly...Okay..."Beefcakes"? HILARIOUS! LOL! I think it might require some explaining but it is flippin' hysterical! HA! :) most sincere apologies on the torturous aspects of this post. "women and gay men would be queuing round the block"? Hey...whatever it takes! ;) But yes, I think you're right with their initial expectations with "Beefcakes". Must see what lovelies you got from Trophy! She does a great job. How was the candy?

    miss j...Ah yes...the great irony. That I'd make my living off of silkscreen or food! Perhaps destiny? Er um, well I guess I'd need to actually "make my living" nevermind. Hmmmmmm...a savory cupcake? I never thought of that! But I did think of bacon...I mean, c''s BACON! But I'd think of bacon if I were contemplating opening a car repair shop! (Always lovely to "see" you here, Miss J.)

    jane...see now this is the big thing! Shipping cupcakes! I'm sure there must be some way. But I don't know how yet...otherwise I'd get some to you "spit spat"! ;)

    bee...yes, of course you thought we'd put that behind us. But every time I see that "I "heart" Mariah Carey" tramp stamp with all those damn butterflies on my back I just lose it! Plus you spilled it all over the beautiful $48 David's Bridal dress! What a travesty! I'm just glad your cousin decided to wear her teeth to the reception.

    simply grove...oh no! Are you on the "Beefcakes" train too? Remember here people...I live in a SMALL community. Eh...they'd probably all expect it from me at this point! ;)

    carol...I'd say that would be a more than fair deal!, that's sweet. But what if he DOES decide to open a bakery? If he wants to open an Italian restaurant PLEASE move to Bainbridge!!! We need one! ("undle"? Oooh, SO close!)

    Thanks for all the "sweetness", Kids! :)

  11. this is a rockin cupcake! and that photo's not so bad either ;-) i'd totally buy a cupcake from a place called "beefy's" it.

  12. LOVE cupcakes...and this one looks pretty scrumptious to me :)


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