July 25, 2008

Who's The Boss

Wednesday night was another installment of The Lab at Velocity. Kristine and I worked our way over to check out Lauren Bacon & Emira Mears who graciously made the trip down from fab Vancouver, B.C. to talk about their book "The Boss of You".

(Lauren & Emira layin' down the law and the Lab. It's good that this shot doesn't show the shoes the ladies were wearing...LOVELY...to the point of distraction! ;) So now that I sound like some shoe perv...I know that Lauren's choice looked something like this (and that's where they came from).)

After saddling up to a lil' Pinot Grigio (Thanks, John!), and perusing the tasty delights provided by Megan from Spot On Culinary Craft, I got a chance to catch up with Miss Mary and Seth (who, along with partner Jonathan, is now selling wares at Velocity! Congrats, Guys!). Finally got to meet Salty, Not Martha, Dottie, and Schmancy! And the truth here, "workin' it" and "workin' a room" are two entirely different things. I am terrible at working a room! So it might typically take several months of repetitive minglings in a single room before I might actually get to say "hi" to someone. Otherwise, I feel all smarmy...like, "Hi, I'm ME! And you are? Oops! Gotta run!" Eew. If I ever come across that way, Kids...just wash yourselves vigorously and gimme another chance.


I always appreciate hearing input and information about other people's experiences in entrepreneurship. Becoming a business owner is absolutely not a "one size fits all" proposition as there are always vast variations in different people's approaches, outcomes, and lessons learned. A couple of hours is certainly not enough time for Lauren & Emira to cover all the insights of being your own boss. But, I gleaned some good information that got me to thinking. And, really...isn't that why there were copies of the book there? Did I buy one? Um...it's a business book for women! Yeah I bought one! You think I'm gonna let a few nouns and pronouns get in my way?! Please!

Who's the boss now?! Holla!


  1. I was just reading about this book, two days ago! I guess I will need to check it out.

  2. I so wish I could have been here. A night that helps me start my own thing + feeds my shoe fetish = a perfect night indeed!

  3. Wow-thanks for the tip-off about the book. I'd never heard of it before, but it sounds very intriguing. Hope your job search is going well! :)

  4. Sounds like great information - I love hearing other creative types and their stories to their dreams.

  5. Hey, Uncle Beefy -- I enjoyed meeting you too, and not just because we like the same shoes. By the way, you nailed the style: They are indeed Fluevog Audreys, but mine are in a crackle-patent finish that they don't appear to stock anymore. Good eye!


  6. Hi Kids! Thanks for stopping by! Anxious to start reading up and will let you know in la future. (For now I gotta finish "Eat, Pray, Love"...one step at a time for U.B.!)

    And look everyone...Ms. Lauren Bacon herself has stopped by! Let's face it Lauren...even without the Audreys, your last name is "Bacon" for heaven's sake! So it's hard for you to go wrong! I'm not suggesting ditching the Audreys mind you...just sayin' :)

  7. Thanks for the link! I promise that at the next lab we'll talk... :)

  8. you always put a smile on my face, you sassy smartypants you. i'm so jealous i'm not near enough to have attended this event. but i most definitely will go scoop-up this book. it sounds like exactly what i'm needing right about now to give me a break from all the prenatal books i've been engrossed in lately.

  9. Twice in one day I've brushed past your name to comment on a blog, and I had to see what the whoopla was about, after reading Heather Moore's interview the other day.

    Loved this book. Just good sense. And if their shoes are any indication of how successful they are, then all I'm saying is that we could all use a touch of their magic.


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