July 28, 2008

A blushing Beefy.

(Gorgeous arrangement courtesy of Erin at Rosenow Floral Design.)

Wanted to take a moment to send a lil' "thank you"
out to a couple of fine folks!

Melissa over at Ruby Press kindly bestowed upon your Uncle the Brillante Weblog Award. Thanks, Miss Melissa!

And then...

Miss Heather of Skinny LaMinx went and got all sweet on me in her interview with illustrator Stephanie Levy on her blog A Studio With A View. Shucks, Miss Heather!

So thanks for the love, Ladies!
Wrap it up...I'll take it!


  1. Hi and thanks so much for dropping by. I had such a good laugh reading your blog today - you are fun!! Heather was right! Do get your shop up and running, I can't wait to see your art. Do you have your art up somewhere else online? Did I miss the link? I like that you call yourself an artist & entrepreneur and yes, why not take the starving out of artist! Good advice for us all!

  2. Oh my! Now I'M the one blushing!! ;) What a thoughtful post- you're too much!!


  3. That red type writer is amazing! Love it!


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