April 25, 2008

Tum Pluckered

Hello, Kids. So you're witnessing the beginning stages of my return. That's a good thing, yes? Well, I am "plum tuckered" after marathon art-making sessions along with the day job! Oy vey! But even in the fog of sleep-deprivation (twice I was hauling myself off to bed at 4:30am and up again at 7 or 8 - not to throw a pity party, just to explain away any lazy toyps.) I had a great time getting back into the swing of my artistic groove. And, of course, thanks for your never-ending patience and support. (You know I'd love to spill my guts out about my project but I gotta keep it zipped up tight until September!)

1 comment:

  1. yes spilling of the guts, i am always on the verge! metaphically of course, as my health is all good.

    looking forward to hearing about your project when it comes out, nice to have you back.


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