January 29, 2008

Seattle Sunday

Went into the city (Seattle) on Sunday to meet up with my friend Jenna. Just a leisurely day...cold but sunny...perfect for a cup of coffee and a sit down. I thought I'd take you along.

Overlooking Eagle Harbor from the ferry which travels between Bainbridge Island & Seattle.

Leaving Bainbridge Island and heading out into Puget Sound.

Seattle skyline in the distance. I love this view.

That's West Seattle to the left. Small children and seagulls ride the ferry for free.

The Space Needle

Coming into downtown Seattle.

Waiting to get off the boat.

This is at the north end of Pioneer Square. The only part of the city not to suffer under the general malaise of "tear it down and build a beige box" answer to older architecture. Oh well, history is totally overrated anyway. Don't you think? (Um, kidding.)

The Pergola in Pioneer Square. This always felt to me like a little bit of Paris. That is, until I went to Paris. But I still love it. The structure was original up until several years ago when a truck driver didn't make the turn and brought the whole thing down. I bet that was a really bad day for him.

Looking south into Pioneer Square.

My FAVORITE bookstore! Elliott Bay Book Co. Old creaky wood floors, miles of books, abuzz with people, coffee and noshes downstairs in the basement...albeit along with some rather unsavory restrooms. But what are ya' gonna do? You can't always have everything.

Just a pretty building.

Ornamo. An amazingly cool shop with lots of goodies that I can't really afford.

Occidental Square. Home to a number of art galleries including favorite Davidson Galleries.

Zeitgeist. A wonderful respite. I love all the warm woods and ironwork. Large street-side windows are perfect for people watching and getting whatever light might happen to appear. And the coffee ain't too bad either.

A Seattle-style fika (for a wannabe Swede). Okay, okay, okay...the sandwich & salad was Jenna's! I had a Top Pot doughnut off to the side. But if you can't see it I cannot be held responsible.

Smith Tower. An historical building that I imagine will likely house yet another branch of the Starbuck's world headquarters someday.

Walking up 1st Avenue toward the ferry terminal. The sign advertising "rooms .75" is old. And if it wasn't...would you really want to stay there?

The beginning of nighttime lights on the city.

Heading back home to Bainbridge.

(And now into the studio.......)


  1. Great shots and it wasn't raining! Looks like you had a great day.

  2. Hey Bradtram,

    Great shots on the way over and the stuff in city. I was telling Jenna that I'm a big fan of ye' old blog, so I finally thought I should stop on over and leave a comment on the chalkboard in support.

    Let's go swing dancing soon, Jenna tells me you've got some experience. We're going on Thursday.

    Much love,

  3. Thanks for the comments, Kids :)

    Mike, what I have as far as experience in swing is a better understanding that any inherent talent for pairs dancing is NOT genetic. And that, yes, even in your 20's, you can throw out your back while displaying said lack of talent. Oh the tragedy!

  4. Yum - LOVE those photos! What a perfect day for a ferry ride...


  5. did you take those photos?? they are great! i am an aspiring photographer :) ...well i sort of need to get a camera first, BUT i intend to take great photos when i get it! i love photography and it is on that long list of things i want to learn to do well. looks like you had a fun day...

  6. Hey Kristen! Thanks for stoppin' on by, you :)

    Hi s., yeah I did take the photos. Thanks for the compliment, always nice to hear :) A little Photoshop doesn't hurt either...but just a little, promise :)

  7. I really love this tour, great pics and subjects, interesting details. Seems a very succeeded Sunday to me! This Zeitgeist cafe also has a very funny web site, i liked very much that they added the background noice of the cafe as sound there. : )



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