December 17, 2007

This egg is ready to hatch.

Today is one of those thoughtful kinda Mondays. I don't know if it's the fact that it's the beginning of the week or the impending holidays or finding one of my old prints (above) or the fact that I'm going down to my parents' place for a few days? But as I got distracted by feverishly looking over less-than-delicate e-cards this morning it got me to thinking.

I do enjoy blogging. It really can be fun and I love coming across neat-o finds or inspiring bits here and there. But the truth is, it has become something of a distraction for me. (I guess I should be glad that I am beginning to realize this earlier on in the process?) It can be very inspiring sourcing out amazing people and places and things...and I'll never stop scouring. But in doing all of that it has prevented me from making my own personal strides with my own work. I doubt I will ever have the deep-seeded desire to be a pro-blogger because the deeper-seeded desire is to be a creator of things more than words.

I am an artist despite the lack of evidence shown here. It's never been unusual for me to have long gestational periods between bodies of work but this has been one of the longest. And blogging, I believe, is not necessarily a good midwife. There is no question that I have reached that indescribable itch to get going again. However, something is preventing me from the scratch. Maybe it's fear, self-doubt, or the overwhelming swirl of ideas in my head? Maybe it's the thought of having to put a space together to be fully prepared to work? Maybe it's something best discussed with a "professional"? And maybe, just maybe, it's a heaping pile of excuses?

At any rate, I do believe it is of the utmost importance to surrender to that creative need and, thus, I am going to start backing away from daily posts. Maybe two or three times a week, who knows? The reality is that in the future, when I talk about amazing and inspiring people, I'd like to think of myself as becoming one as opposed to merely talking about one.


  1. i always thought the irony of starting a blog about craft business was that once i started writing it, i had no time to work on my own crafty biz goals! so i tried to scale back a bit and write about a subject that required less research- myself. it's still time consuming but rewarding and a great way to reach people. i feel your pain.

  2. Thanks for the moral support, Shannon. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :)


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